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Diatomaceous Earth is an all-natural, organic solution to insects in your garden. Use Diatomaceous Earth to protect baby transplants and manage insect populations in your garden, chicken coop, and home!

Product Information

Looking for all-natural and organic crop protection for your baby starts? Diatomaceous Earth is a great solution! As a natural product of the earth, this siliceous rock is ground up to make a white powder that will desiccate insects that try and attack your baby starts or tender plants. It’s just one of the tools we use to organically protect transplants and young plants that can not fend for themselves.

How does Diatomaceous Earth work?

This product is not a chemical or poison. It’s a naturally occurring rock in the earth’s soil that is ground into powder. As insect crawl across the powder, it absorbs the oils and fats from their body and kills them. It does not need to be ingested by insects.

How can Diatomaceous Earth work in the garden?

Used in the garden as an effective control on insects like ants, pill bugs, earwigs, and other crawling insects that can crawl across the powder. We use it as a physical barrier in the garden to protect our transplants when they are planted in the garden. The powder should be reapplied often for effectiveness, especially after it gets wet. This product is a safe garden for pets, children, and animals.

Ways to use Diatomaceous Earth in your garden.

  • Use in chicken coop to manage mites
  • Use to protect transplants from pill bugs, earwigs, and other crawling insects.
  • Keeps slugs off plants
  • Can be used to manage aphids


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