Who is San Diego Seed Company?

In 2010, when owner Brijette Peña came to the stark conclusion that few companies were producing regionally adapted seeds for Southern California climates, she took an oath. An oath to produce organic, regionally adapted seeds that gardeners, farmers and market growers could depend on. This lofty goal has led to the amazing development of San Diego Seed Company.  Through her seed company, she not only produces organic heirloom varieties well adapted for the Southern California growers but she also facilitates and promotes ethical seed production aimed at providing growers the best varieties for their success.

The idea is simple. If good seed that is adapted to our climate is produced locally, then we can add one more layer of support to our regional food systems.  In the end, for San Diego Seed Company it’s about supporting those that support us by growing nutritious local, food.

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“The owners are so knowledgable, the product is top of the line- locally grown, organic and harvested with the best of care, and the packaging cool. The San Diego Seed Company website is easy to navigate, so Eco friendly & has lots of great farming info!! Check it out!”

Cheryl G., San Diego Grower

“Great for classroom or kid activities to teach about growing plants. I used the seeds from San Diego Seed Company in my classroom for the kids to grow. Great deal for the money. We used egg cartoons and 2 liter bottles to make this a fun learning experience!”

Lenora C. , Online Buyer

“Great seeds. So far I notice that they sprout pretty fast. I am growing these in Florida, and its about to be winter time so its a nice cool temperature outside usually around 70-75 degrees. Really happy with the quality of the seeds, thanks!”

Aaron G. , Online Buyer

Our Seed Quality

“We do not sell conventional seeds,
we sell seeds of passion and patience.”

San Diego Seed Company

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Check out what makes our seed different and the many wonderful organizations that San Diego Seed Company supports.

“It’s our responsibility to promote living a healthly lifestyle through growing your own food and saving seeds.”

San Diego Seed Company

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