What does it mean to purchase a certified organic seed from San Diego Seed Company?

What does it mean to purchase a certified organic seed from San Diego Seed Company?

One of the main benefits is that your seeds will not be GMO, nor will they contain heavy levels of chemical pesticides. In fact, your organic seeds will have no pesticides at all. The process for growing seeds is lengthy and plants run the risk of being damaged by disease, pests, or weather/climate issues. The laws for the high levels of pesticides used or GMO’s used is much lower for seed than with edible materials like veggies or fruits. Therefore, many companies will not spare on the pesticides and GMO’s to ensure they can harvest more seeds quicker.
They not only want to produce more quickly, they want to avoid any loss of their seed due to disease or pests. Non-organic farmers are also known to use synthetic fertilizers. From every angle these seeds are being produced with a heavy amount of chemicals. Even if the end product of your fruits, veggies, herbs, etc. do not contain the high levels of harsh chemicals, it is best to have the peace of mind with starting organic and ending organic.

Why Buy Organic?

Organic farming of seeds prides themselves in taking the long route to produce consciously healthier seeds. Organic seed farmers work harder to ensure where your seeds are coming from are organically disease and pest free. Your seed farmers have to figure out how to create seeds that will produce plants and edible foods that will be durable.
We all want our plants to perform well in a variety of conditions but we would like this without all of the harmful chemicals! Organic farms use a healthy mix of nutrients to provide a good soil source for the seed producing plants. This, and many other specialized organic farming methods, creates durable plants that are acclimated to a range of microclimates.

San Diego Seed Company Organic Assurance

From the field, to the harvesting, to the processing, our seeds are Organic. At San Diego Seed Company we want to help you reduce your exposure to harsh chemicals we are subject to on a daily basis. Take control of what you put in your body by putting goodness in, to get good out! Check out our new wide range of organic seeds and start your organic gardening today!
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