Broccoli, Steve’s Tender Early Green ORGANIC


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Steve’s Tender Early Green broccoli produces an early central head with tons of side shoots for a continuous harvest all season long.

56 in stock

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 Steve’s Tender Early Green broccoli produces an early central head about 4-7″ across, followed by more tasty side shoots. Unlike single head varieties, you will be harvesting broccoli all season long! Along with flavor, this variety is favored for its tender stems and abundant production.

Recommended Planting Requirements: Like cabbages, the best tasting broccoli is that which grows very quickly. To ensure quick growth add plenty of organic matter to well-worked soil. Broccoli is more sensitive to warm weather than cabbage and should be protected with shade cloth in areas that have high temperatures in the fall like Zones 9 and 10.

Growing Recommendations: Broccoli is a cool-season crop that is best planted with plenty of time to mature. Regular watering and additions of fertilizer can drastically improve your harvest. For fall crops, start seeds 10-12 weeks before the first hard freeze date or desired harvest time. Transplant into the ground during cool temperatures like the morning or evening. Do not allow seedlings to dry out during their acclimation period. Broccoli requires a steady supply of moisture in well-drained fertile soil. For Zones 9 and 10, or any areas where hot weather is present in the fall, we recommend a deep layer of mulch around the plant to retain moisture in the soil.

Harvesting & Storage: Harvest broccoli as soon as the heads are large enough for use. Tender side shoots will continue to produce after the main central head has been harvested. Store in the refrigerator for about a week and wash only before use to prevent premature rot.


Soil Temperature:65-75
Planting Depth:¼”
Days to Germination:6-10
Days to Maturity:60+
Height at Maturity:NA
Lighting Requirements:Full Sun


Brassica oleracea

Package Weight: .25 gram

Approximate seed count per pack: 85 seeds

Sows about a 60′ bed taking into account thinning.

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