Flat Leaf Italian Parsley Seed


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Used in salad dressings, poultry, soups, and more. The flavor of Flat Leaf Parsley is much more pronounced than that of the more familiar curled type.

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Flat Leaf Italian Parsley seed produces large flavorful dark green leaves that are used in salad dressings, meat dishes, soups, and more. Flat Leaf Italian Parsley has a flavor that is much more pronounced than that of the more familiar curled type. This variety can be allowed to reseed for continuous growth.

Suggested Planting Requirements: Parsley enjoys a pH level of 6.0-7.0. Even moisture is important and compost or mulch will help ensure even moisture. Parsley is a fan of phosphate, so adding an organic fertilizing like a bone meal is optimal. In general, parsley is not a fussy plant. If left to reseed in the garden, you will enjoy parsley year after year. Beneficial insects also love the flowers of parsley.

Growing Recommendations: This full sun annual can be germinated indoors before the soil has warmed. For Southern California growers, parsley can be grown year-round in mild areas.

Harvesting & Storing: Harvest before flowers for optimal flavor. You can cut single stocks of parsley or use the cut and come again method. This method slows the flowering process. Learn about it here in our YouTube video.


Soil Temperature: 45-85°F
Planting Depth: 1/4″
Days to Germination: 7-10
Days to Maturity: 35-50+
Height at Maturity: 12”-18”
Lighting Requirements: Part Shade to Full Sun
Spacing: Broadcast


Petroselinum crispum

Package Weight: 1 gram

Sows about a 40′ row taking into account thinning.

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