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Can’t choose between our Orange and Burgundy Amaranth? Get them both in this custom mix that your garden and the birds will love!

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Can’t choose between our orange and burgundy amaranth? Get them both in this custom mix that your garden and the birds will love! This breathtaking plant makes a striking addition to your garden. Large plants produce tall spikes of deep burgundy or orange. Amaranth is a versatile plant for any garden. You can eat the tender leaves, use the flowers for arrangements, and the grain (seeds) can be used in cooking as well. This nutritious grain was a staple food of the Incans and Mayans and has a wide history of use in the Mesoamerica. The wild relative was domesticated as early as 4000 BC and has uses as a dye, ornamental plant, and a food source. We are happy to see amaranth making a come back as it is one of our favorite plants to grow on the farm!

Recommending Planting Requirements: This warm-season plant can be grown year-round in San Diego and other mild climates. Its immature leaves are tasty and full of nutrients while the flower spikes are beautiful and produce huge amounts of seeds that can be used for grain. It is an all-around fantastic plant with multiple uses.

Growing Recommendations: Give the plant space and it will get very large and may need staking to keep it’s huge flower spikes upright. Direct sow, keep the soil moist and weed in the first weeks to reduce competition. Grow in an area where you can enjoy the beautiful flower spikes and enjoy the bird activity.

Harvesting Recommendations: Pick baby or mature greens as needed. Simply cut them with scissors as you would lettuces. The leaves have a tasty, nutty flavor. If growing for seed/grain provide ample spacing and harvest seeds buy rubbing flower spikes to release seeds.


Soil Temperature:65-85
Planting Depth:Broadcast
Days to Germination:5-10
Days to Maturity:90-100+
Height at Maturity:5-7′
Lighting Requirements:Full Sun


Package Weight: .25 gram 

Approximate seed count per packet: 200 

The approximate seed count per gram is 1,200 seeds.

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Weight.10 g
Dimensions5.00 × 0.10 × 3.00 in

Packet, 5 grams, 1 ounce


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