Spineless Mix Okra Seed


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This custom Okra mix contains several of our favorite spineless varieties!

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This custom mix of okra seeds contains several of our favorite varieties! Chosen for their flavor, each variety is spineless with similar growth habits.

Planting by Zones

Zones 9-10

  • Okra is a warm season crop that should be planted when the soil is at least 70°F. It is a fairly drought-tolerant plant that thrives while most other crops are decreasing productivity due to heat. In Zones 9 and 10, okra can re-planted in late June or July.

Zones 2-8

  • Start seeds 4-5 weeks before the last frost and only plant out when the soil is at least 70 degrees.

Planting Okra Seeds

  • In Zones 9 and 10 you can direct seed or transplant out.
  • To direct sow, plant seeds in well-worked soil that has been deeply watered and is debris-free. Cover with 1/2” of finely sifted soil.
  • If you are planting seeds in starter pots, plant seeds into thoroughly moist high-quality seed starting soil. Place seeds on the top of the soil and cover with 11/2” of finely sifted soil.
  • Once your plants have germinated and the first set of true leaves show, fertilize with an organic liquid fertilizer. Plant out into the garden when they reach 3-4” tall. Plants should be spaced at least 6” apart.

Growing Okra

  • Okra should be planted into deeply irrigated, semi-fertile soil. In Zones 9 and 10, adding a generous amount of compost will help create a healthy soil structure and keep soil moisture in.
  • Mulching heavily around your plants will also help with weed suppression and moisture retention.

Harvesting Okra

  • Okra is best harvested before it gets fibrous. Depending on the variety, harvest when the pods are 3-4” long. The more you harvest, the more productive your plant will be.
  • Do not let pods stay on the plant unless you are letting them go to seed as this will slow down the production of new pods.

Growing Okra in Containers

  • Okra is a tall, skinny plant that can grow in a container. Make sure your container is at least 20” deep. Keep in mind containers will dry out faster because they have more surface area and less soil to hold onto moisture. Mulch heavily on the top layer of soil in the pot to keep the soil from drying out or heating up too much.

Southern California Pro-tips

  • Mulch heavily around your plants to ensure the soil does not dry out or heat up too much.
  • Do not overheat water as this promotes foliar diseases.

Companion Flowers/Crops

  • Okra plants look beautiful with other tall flowers growing in between them. Flax and cosmos look particularly adorable around okra. Sunflowers also stunning to grow nearby.

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