Marigold, Crackerjack Mix


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This annual is open-pollinated with flowers of yellow to Orange. A wonderful border plant for gardens as it attracts beneficial insects and deters garden pests with its strong fragrance. Deadhead spent flowers to prolong the bloom season.

79 in stock

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Marigold, Crackerjack

Tagetes erecta

Marigolds have wide cultural importance from Nepal to Mexico.  In Latino culture, the marigold is the flower of the dead and often used to make garlands and other traditional decorations for Dia de Los Muertos.  In the garden, the marigold has many uses and benefits. The wonderfully bright orange and yellow flowers are often used as border plants and attract beneficial insects. It can also help deter aphids.  Deadhead spent flowers to prolong the bloom season.

It is also a great companion flower. Plant near the base of tomatoes or other fruiting plants for protection against aphids.

Flowers: good cut & border flower. Blooms summer to fall 

Attracts: Attracts bees and butterflies, repels aphids

Soil: Requires well-draining, moderately fertile soil

Planting Depth: 1/4″
Days to Germination: 7-14+
Days to Maturity: 34-45+
Height at Maturity: 3’-4’
Lighting Requirements: Full Sun
Spacing: 1′-2′







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