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Gold Coin seeds grow beautiful flat cipollini onions. Gold Coin onions are intermediate day length onions that perform wonderfully in southern states!

92 in stock

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Gold Coin Onion seeds grow beautiful flat cipollini onions. Gold Coin onions are intermediate day length onions that perform wonderfully in southern states!

Suggested Planting Requirements: Starting seed inside is recommended to reduce competition with weeds. Onion seeds are notoriously slow-growing, so be patient! You may also direct sow. Onion seeds have the shortest viability of all common vegetables so make sure your seeds are fresh. 

Growing Recommendations: There are several different types of onions. Bulbing onions produce a large bulb and can store for some time. Spring onions or bunching onions are typically sown in the fall and harvested as “spring” onions or scallions in the early springtime. Growing recommendations will vary slightly depending on what kind of onion you wish to grow.

Growing Recommendations for bulbing onions: The key to success is planting early enough so that bulbing onions can get large enough to form heads by the time summer or fall arrives. There are three different types of bulbing onions. For success, a grower must know what kind of bulbing onion does well in their climate. We have listed the types below. Plant onion seeds in the fall to ensure production by early spring. Growers can plant inside to protect from the competition with weeds. When the seedlings are 4 weeks old or so you can transplant them out into a moist garden bed or pot. Space out bulbing onions to a spacing of at least 4″. The wider the spacing, the large the onions can grow.

If direct planting the seeds, prepare the soil with 2″ of compost and work the soil to remove any debris that would inhibit growth. Direct sow the seeds and keep the soil moist until full germination.

Short Day Onions: Requires 10-12 hours of sunlight to form bulbs.

Intermediate Day Onions: Requires 12-14 hours of sunlight to form bulbs.

Long Day Onions: Requires 14-16 hours of sunlight to form bulbs.

As a general rule of thumb, growers north of San Francisco should grow long-day onions while gardeners south of that point should grow short day or intermediate day onions for a summer harvest of bulbing onions. This particular variety will bulb earlier in northern states and form pearl to small-sized bulbs. Southern states are likely to get small to medium-sized onions.

Harvesting & Storage: You can harvest and eat green onions in many stages. Young onions can be thinned and eaten like chives while larger onions can be pulled directly out of the soil.


Soil Temperature:50+°F
Planting Depth:¼”
Days to Germination:5-13
Days to Maturity:80
Height at Maturity:12″+
Lighting Requirements:Full Sun








Allium cepa

Package Weight: .25 gram

Approximate seed count per packet: 100 seeds

Sows about a 150′ bed (this takes into account thinning)

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