Onion, Red Beard Bunching


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This is a great specialty onion to add flair to any recipe.

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The Red Beard Bunching variety is a wonderful bunching onion with red stalks and a mild flavor. The bunching onion is one of the most important types of onions in Asia and has been grown in China for thousands of years. A versatile and mild flavor makes it a great accompaniment to any dish.

Suggested Planting Requirements: Starting seed inside is recommended to reduce competition with weeds. You may also direct sow. Onion seeds have the shortest viability of all common vegetables so make sure your seeds are fresh. 

Growing Recommendations: Plant seeds in the cool season in freshly worked soil. Since bunching onions do not produce bulbs, spacing is not crucial.

Harvesting & Storage: You can harvest and eat green onions in many stages. Young onions can be thinned and eaten like chives while larger onions can be pulled directly out of the soil.


Soil Temperature:65-85°F
Planting Depth:¼”
Days to Germination:5-13
Days to Maturity:80
Height at Maturity:5-7”
Lighting Requirements:Full Sun








Allium fistulosum

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