Lettuce, Grand Rapids ORGANIC


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A mild lettuce favorite, Grand Rapids provides gardeners with succulent salad greens all season long.

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Lettuce, Grand Rapids

 Lactuca sativa

This variety was introduced to us by a local seed saver out of Point Loma, San Diego and has become our 2017 favorite! A mild lettuce favorite, Grand Rapids provides gardeners with succulent salad greens all season long.  It will produce reliably in the drier conditions of a southern California farm.

Recommended Planting Requirements: Light soils with good drainage will give you the best harvest of lettuce. For southern California growers, this may mean incorporating in large amounts of compost in soil that is less than desirable.  The compost will inoculate your soil with important soil biology, retain more moisture in the soil and improve tilth.  Greens enjoy cool temperatures and adequate moist in the soil. If you plan to plant during a part of the year that is warmer, use shade cloth to protect the greens and keep them from turning bitter.  Coastal gardeners and farmers can grow greens year-round.  Need help starting your seeds? Check out our seed starting videos on Youtube.

Growing Recommendation: Watering regularly is critical to good growth. In warmer climates watering more often may be needed. On our farm, we transplant out our greens by first starting them in the greenhouse. This allows for perfect spacing and better germination rates than directly sowing into the ground. If you desire to direct sow the seeds into a pot or garden bed, make sure the ground you are planting into is thoroughly moist. This may mean saturating a garden box or pot prior to planting.

Harvesting & Storage: Like most lettuces, you can trim wanted leaves from the plant as needed. You can also cut entire tops of the lettuce off and it will regrow. This is known as a cut and come again crop.

Soil Temperature:45-85°F
Planting Depth:1/4″
Days to Germination:7-14
Days to Maturity:35-45+
Height at Maturity:6”
Lighting Requirements:Partial Sun/ Full Sun

Package Weight: .25 gram

Approximate seed count per packet: 60 seeds 

Sows about 20′ Row (This takes into account thinning)

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