Kohlrabi, Purple Vienna ORGANIC


Shaped like the White Vienna Kohlrabi, this root crop produces a unique, edible, purple bulging root that forms above ground. Its mildly sweet flavor has touches of turnip and cabbage. A great addition to heirloom gardens.

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Much like the White Vienna Kohlrabi, the root crop produces an edible root that forms above ground. Mild flavor has touches of turnip and cabbage flavors.

Recommended planting requirements: Rich, loose soil is best for good development. Adding compost to soil can help improve the development of the root. As with most brassicas, cool weather is ideal.

Growing Recommendations: Kohlrabi must have full sun to be successful. For the best tasting Kohlrabi, quick growth is essential. Water and nutrients should be given as needed.

Harvest and Storage: Kohlrabi can be harvested by cutting the stem below the bulb. You can also uproot the entire plant. After harvesting it can be kept for several weeks in a cool dry place.

Soil Temperature:45-85°F
Planting Depth:¼”
Days to Germination:3-10
Days to Maturity:45-60+
Height at Maturity:3”-7”
Lighting Requirements:Full Sun









Brassica oleracea

Package Weight: .5 gram

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Weight.10 g
Dimensions5.00 × 5.00 × 1.00 in

Packet, 10 grams


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