Collard, Vates


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These succulent collards can provide greens to your kitchen table all season.  Large silvery leafs with minimum veins are tasty and nutritious.

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Collard Greens-Vates

Brassica oleracea

Collards are the unsung hero of the garden world. Often overlooked, they are so tasty when prepared well and give in the garden for long periods of time with little to no extra input. This collard green is known for its production. Large leaves produce huge amounts of greens to be eaten all season long.

Recommended planting requirements: Collards are must like kale expect they can tolerate the warm weather. This means you can grow collards in both the spring and fall. Adding organic matter to well-drained soil with increase your harvest.

Growing recommendations: Collards are a very long season crop, so considering location and space for your plant is important.

Harvesting and storage: Collards can be harvested for a long period of time. They are the best tasting when kissed by frost. Simply cut individual leaves from the plant when needed. Do not wash the leaves until just before use. These leaves can be kept in the refrigerator for several weeks.

Soil Temperature:50-95°F
Planting Depth:¼”
Days to Germination:7-12
Days to Maturity:45-65+
Height at Maturity:up to 2′
Lighting Requirements:Full Sun









Package Weight: .5 gram

Approximate seed count per pack: 114 seeds

Sows approximately a 50′ (this takes into account thinning)



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