Beet, Bulls Blood


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Deep red and purple leaves with dark blood-red roots. Grown as much for their colorful leaves as they are for their dark centers!

957 in stock

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This variety has deep red and purple leaves with dark, blood-red roots. Grown just as much for their colorful leaves as they are for their dark centers. Great for making a deep dark Borscht soup. One of our favorite soups!

Suggested Planting Requirements: Beets are cool-season crops that enjoy cooler temperatures and even moisture. For Southern California, the best beet growing season is from about October to May. But coastal climates can grow beets year-round. Use shade cloth to extend your growing seasons. The ideal soil is loose, sandy, and well-draining. For those wanting to grow in-ground, we suggest you amend heavily with compost, leaf mold, and other amendments to help loosen up the soil and give it a healthy soil structure. If this is not possible, beets are excellent container plants. Fill containers with loose potting soil.   Consistent watering is essential for good established roots systems. Direct sowing is typically recommended. However, on our farm, we transplant out our beets for the best spacing and water conservation.

Growing Recommendations: Beets can be grown year-round in moderate temperatures. Warmer areas can utilize part shade or shade cloth for year-round growth. Thinning is important to allow for proper spacing of any root crop. Thin your seedlings at least 3″ apart for best growth. Root crops that are left to compete with one another will be stunted in growth. Thin by pulling out weaker seedlings.

Harvesting & Storing: Harvesting can start as soon as the desired size is reached. The best flavor is when the beet is about 3″. Beet greens can also be enjoyed in soups, salads, stir-fries, and more.


Soil Temperature:55-85°F
Planting Depth:1/4″
Days to Germination:5-10
Days to Maturity:45-55+
Height at Maturity:6″
Lighting Requirements:Part Shade to Full Sun


Beta Vulgaris

Package Weight: 3 gram

Approximate seed count per pack: 250 

Sows about a 20′ bed taking into account thinning.

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Weight.3 g
Dimensions5.00 × 0.10 × 3.00 in

1/2 lb, 1 ounce, Packet


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