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Japanese Daikon grows much larger and longer than other radish varieties. A Japanese favorite, it is prized for its mild flavor and texture.

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Japanese Daikon radish seeds produce a mild and tasty annual crop. This top-quality variety is a kitchen essential. A wonderful crop to improve soil structure! Long roots break up hard soils and allow water and oxygen to get deep into the soil, feeding the soil life that is essential for good organic soils. Their mild flavor and texture make them a great addition to many recipes; we love to add them to our kimchi! Daikon Radishes do best in soil pH of  6.0-7.0. They love well-drained soil but are pretty easy to grow otherwise. Just be sure to avoid excess nitrogen! In about a month and a half, to two months, you’ll have your own delicious, nutritious Daikon radishes to enjoy!

Flavor Profile: Daikon radish seeds from San Diego Seed Company will produce raw daikon radishes with a sweet and lightly spicy flavor that is milder than that of peppery red radishes. The flesh is very crunchy and juicy. Cooked, daikon tastes mellow and sweet while becoming tender, similar to a cooked turnip. The greens are very peppery with a pungent flavor that mellows slightly when cooked.

Suggested Planting Requirements: Radishes prefer well-drained soil with plenty of added organic matter. They have low nutrient requirements; especially avoid excess nitrogen to promote good root development. The preferred soil pH is 6.0-7.0.

Growing Recommendations: Cool weather is needed for the best development. Sow seed directly wherever there is extra space in the garden. Radishes make good, living row markers for slower germinating crops like carrots.

Harvesting & Storage: Most radishes are best when young and immature, less than 1″ in diameter. However, Daikons can be tasty even when they get quite large. They may keep 1-2 weeks in the refrigerator.


Soil Temperature:45-85°F
Planting Depth:1/4″
Days to Germination:5-10 +
Days to Maturity:40-60+
Height at Maturity:6
Lighting Requirements:Part Shade to Full Sun
Spacing:6″- 12″”








Raphanus sativus

Package Weight: 2 gram

Approximate seed count per packet: 200 seeds 

Sows about a 50′ row taking into account thinning.

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