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Staro chives produce heavy sets of leaves great for fresh use or freezing. Staro chives also produce delicious edible flowers.

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Staro chive seeds produce heavy sets of leaves great for fresh use or freezing. Staro chive also produces delicious edible flowers.

This perennial herb is essential to every home garden. Leaves of this onion-flavored plant can be cut for salads, potatoes, and soups. Can be successfully grown indoors. Zones 3-10. Start early indoors or outdoors after the danger of frost. Chive flowers also add flavor and color to recipes.  

Suggested Planting Requirements: Chives can be grown almost anywhere. Soil requirements are minimal, but like most plants, it does best in soil rich in organic matter. Chives can easily be grown in containers. In areas with high heat, chives can be grown in partial shade.

Growing Recommendations: Chives may be both direct sown and started indoors. Chives do exceptionally well indoors in areas with plenty of sunlight. Plant when soil is warmed up, in late winter through early spring. Use freshly prepped soil or seed starting mix. Lightly cover with sifted soil. Thin seedlings to 3-4 seedlings per transplant of a 1″ between seedlings when direct sowing. Keep area weed-free.

Harvesting & Storing: Like most herbs, the foliage is best before flowers appear but can be harvested at any time. Simply snip and use! Staro chives can be frozen or dried easily for long term storage. Chives are delicious in soups, salads and more. Try this Chive vinaigrette.

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Soil Temperature:45-85°F
Planting Depth:1/8″
Days to Germination:7-14
Days to Maturity:75+
Lighting RequirementsFull Sun

Allium schoenoprasum

Package weight: 1 gram

Sows about 30 foot row


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