Carrot, Round Orange


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A round Parisian favorite!

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Carrots come in all shapes and sizes—these Parisian favorites are round! Shallow roots grow well in heavy soils.

Recommended Growing Requirements: Like most root crops, loose well-drained soil is important. For carrots, highly porous soil the most important factor in growth.

Growing recommendation: Carrots do not need a lot of space and can be grown between other crops.

Harvesting and Storage: Carrots can be left in the ground until needed to ensure freshness. Otherwise, harvest carrots by gently uprooting from the ground. Store in a cool area. Store in the refrigerator for weeks.


Soil Temperature:45-85°F
Planting Depth:¼”
Days to Germination:4-20
Days to Maturity:55+
Height at Maturity:12″
Lighting Requirements:Full Sun








Daucus carota

Package Weight: .5 gram

Approximate seed count per pack: 600 seeds

Sows about a 28″ bed (this takes into account thinning)


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Dimensions5.00 × 0.10 × 3.00 in


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