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Can’t decide which basil to plant? Plant them all! Enjoy a mix of all the basil varieties we offer.

974 in stock

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Can’t decide which basil to plant? Plant them all! Enjoy a mix of all the basil varieties we offer.

Suggested Planting Requirements: Basil can grow in a wide range of conditions but will be the happiest with fertile soil rich with compost. Because of the heavy development of leaves, fertilizing is important and may be done organically with compost or manure. Keeping basil evenly moist will prevent bolting. You may add mulch to keep moisture levels even. When the plant begins to send out flower spikes, pinch them off to increase the development of a bush plant.

Growing Recommendations: This annual must be grown in full sun during spring and fall. Southern California growers may grow basil year-round in frost-free areas. For cooler areas, place basil in the warmest part of the yard. In hot climates, place in a cooler area near to the full sun. Shade cloth can be used as a season extender. Need help starting your seeds? Check out our seed starting videos on YouTube.

Harvesting & Storing: Flavor in basil is at its best before it flowers, but you can still harvest well into the blooming period. To extend the life and flavor of a plant, continuously remove flowers as they appear. Watch our video on how to do this on YouTube.

Once the plant has gone to flower, don’t waste the opportunity to feed the pollinators! Flowering herbs can be a great addition to your pollinator or butterfly garden. Beneficial insects will enjoy the blooms!


Soil Temperature:65-85°F
Planting Depth:1/4″
Days to Germination:7-10
Days to Maturity:45-55+
Height at Maturity:3’
Lighting Requirements:Full Sun


Ocimum basilicum

Package Weight: .25 gram

Approximate seed count per packet: 250 

Sows about a 25′ bed taking into account thinning.

The approximate seed count per gram is 600-650 seeds.


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Packet, 1 ounce, 14 grams

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  1. emkoch4

    Gorgeous mix! Grew easily in our containers and plentifully enough for us to make pesto!

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