• Compact beneficial plant with small whitete flowers.
  • Amaranth, Burgundy ORGANIC

    This breathtaking plant makes a striking addition to your garden.  Tall plants produce large stalks of deep burgundy plumes.  These plants are sure to add a conversation piece to any garden.  The seeds from this plant are known as an ancient grain and have been harvested for thousands of years.  The seeds are used today to make a naturally gluten-free flour.  
  • Red Leaf Amaranth, also called Chinese Spinach is a beautiful addition to your garden and tasty too! The leaves are eaten just like spinach, raw or cooked. What is most impressive is that they keep their color when cooked.
  • arugula
    This hardy annual thrives in cool weather.  For Southern California growers, arugula may be planted year round in moderate areas.  It will be one of the first greens of spring if left in the garden to reseed. The flavor is peppery and can add a kick to any salad or dish.
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    Basil, Genovese



    This full-sun annual is extremely fragrant and tender.    
  • Basil, Lemon ORGANIC

    Try this basil with a twist! Lemon basil has a sweet citrus flavor that goes great in savory and sweet dishes alike.
  • Basil, Mix

    Can't decide which basil to plant? Plant them all! Enjoy a mix of all the basils we offer.
  • Stunning colored basil with purple leaves that add color to every dish.
  • This full-sun annual basil has a tender sweet flavor great for mildly flavoring dishes. This annual must be grown in full sun during spring and fall. Southern California growers may grow basil year round in frost-free areas.  For cooler areas, place basil in the warmest part of the yard.  In hot climates, place in a cooler area with near to full sun.
  • This heirloom pole  variety is a reliable producer with classic and tasty beans. It has long, round and stingless pods with a tender texture.  They can be used fresh, shelled, and dried.
  • This bush bean is a French variety that produces loads and loads of the tastiest beans! Buttery and slightly sweet, these beautiful yellow pods are long and rounded. This variety of bean surpasses other wax beans in production and uniformity. Great for the home gardener or market grower.
  • Bean, Contender Bush

    This tender bean is highly productive, stingless, and tastes best fresh from the garden.
  • Classic Fava bean with excellent flavor and heavy production.
  • basket of beans
    This heirloom Pole variety is tasty.  It has long, round and stingless pods with a tender texture.  They can be used fresh, shelled, and dried
  • Bean, Royal Burgundy

    This heirloom bush variety is a reliable producer with stunning deep purple beans. It has long, round and stingless pods with a tender texture. They can be used fresh, shelled, and dried. The flowers are just as gorgeous!
  • This heirloom bean variety is a pole bean that is grown just as much for it's gorgeous red flowers as for it's beans.  Grow it up a fence or arbor and you will be amazed at the beauty it creates! A must have in every garden.
  • This variety has deep red and purple leaves with roots dark as blood. This particular beet is grown just as much for those colorful leaves as they are for the dark centers. Great for making a deep dark Borscht soup. One of our favorite soups!
  • Growers can use the greens or the globes. Globes grow about 3" in diameter and greens can be harvested all season long. This variety of beet sprouts well in cold spring conditions and can stand the warm fall conditions of Southern California and beyond.
  • Beet, Golden ORGANIC

    This heirloom variety is a knockout with its beautiful  gold color and mild flavor. Globes reach 2" across.
  • Berkeley Tie Dye Tomato Seeds produces large indeterminate plants that bear the most STUNNING colors. They look like they are tie-dyed. These tasty beefsteak tomatoes are flavorful and so fun to grow! Berkeley Tie Dye tomato seed is highly sought after by tomato fanatics.
  • Join us for a fun-filled day of learning about urban farming in our sister country of Mexico! Participants will be taken on an in-depth tour of Tijuana's Ecoparque, an incredible park, and organization whose goals are to raise awareness of environmental issues through the implementation of alternative sustainable practices. Ecoparque feature's a wastewater system that is unique to this park and extremely interesting to those involved in sustainability and biofiltration. Participants then will get to do hands-on activities such as seeding in the greenhouse, transplanting, soil preparation, vermicomposting and more! The intent of this event to bring awareness to San Diego residences of the great things happening in Tijuana while focusing on the positive impact of sustainable practices, urban farming, and binational relationships.
  •  These big juicy tomatoes are a top favorite of the SDSC team. The flavor is complex with sweet notes and just the right amount of acid. These tomatoes are the ultimate heirloom tomato.
  • This beautiful flower does great in many of San Diego's areas. Blue blooms with edible leaves and flowers.
  • Colorful and nutritious, this beautiful, bright purple sprouting broccoli does wonderfully in mild climates allowing it to produce sprout after sprout of broccoli goodness.
  • A popular market variety, this broccoli produces tight, large heads and side shoots that can be harvested for an extended period of time.  Great for container gardening.