How Are We Different From Other Seed Companies?

  • Only urban seed producer

  • Grow, process and sell organic local seed

  • Collaborate with local seed savers

  • Collect data on micro-climate specific variety trials

  • Educate community on seed issues and processing procedures

  • Encourage gardening as a part of healthier communities

  • Represent an example of successful urban farm

Brijette Peña of San Diego Seed Company gives her Seed Saving 101 class.

Why Local Seeds Production Matters


Seed Industry History

150 years ago, seed industry as we know it today did not exist. In fact, in 1850 the United States Department of Agriculture started a massive seed sharing to encourage population growth and access to food. This policy gave way to huge population growth and  helped fuel the movement west in search of new land. During this time farmers became selecting their crops for the best qualities and crossing them to produce the first wave of hybrids.  This gleeful time of free seeds would not last forever.

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A New Kind Of Seed Company

Seed Terms

What To Know To Become a Seed Saver

  • Cross pollination

  • Population sizes

  • Plant selection

  • Proper seed processing

  • Proper seed drying

  • Proper seed storage


  • Not always a bad thing, advent of hybridization
  • Open-pollinated varieties more susceptible
  • Avoid crosspollination for pure seed
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