Black Knight Scabiosa Seeds

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Scabiosa is an elegant cut flower is so easy to grow and transplants effortlessly into the garden! Makes stunning arrangements. Pollinators and butterflies love them too! Start early in spring and transplant out for best results. We succession plant about every three weeks for continuous blooms.

Organic Red Ruffled Pimiento Pepper Seeds

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Red Ruffled Pimiento pepper seeds are delicious and productive! Stocky plants produce an abundance of 4-5″ wide pimiento peppers. When fully ripe, these sweet pimiento peppers turn a gorgeous scarlet red color. Scalloped edges make a beautiful presentation for your culinary masterpieces!

Indian Spring Mix Hollyhock Seeds

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These old-fashioned hollyhocks grow tall stalks of 8-10 feet with beautiful blooms of pink, rose, white, and salmon. The tall blooming spires make for impressive showstoppers and screens in the garden. These plants should be planted in full sun and not allowed to shade other plants that need full sun in the garden. Hollyhocks will bloom the first year from seed if planted early in spring or late winter in mild climates. If planted later, they will bloom the following summer.

Jubilee Bush Watermelon Seeds

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Jubilee bush watermelon seeds produce oval-shaped, bright red-fleshed melons that are super sweet. The melon’s compact, bushy vines are great for small spaces or containers. A summer-time favorite!

Cal Sweet Bush Watermelon Seeds

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Cal Sweet Bush watermelon seeds produce compact plants and super sweet watermelons. These personal-sized, bright red-fleshed melons are wonderfully sweet and perfect on a summer day! Short, bushy vines are ideal for small spaces or containers.

Shishito Pepper Seeds

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Shishito Pepper seeds produce ribbed peppers that area prized for their amazing flavor and versatile uses in the kitchen. This Japanese pepper has made its way on the menus of restaurants across the United States because of it’s citrus-like pepper flavor. Shishito peppers are a great pepper for pan-frying!

Cuccuzi Edible Gourd Seeds

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Cucuzza Edible Gourd seeds produce baseball bat sized edible gourds that make great additions to soups, stir-fries, and more! Cucuzza edible gourd is also known as Cucuzzi, Gagootza, and Serpente di Sicilia. Pale green fruits are up to 36 inches long but are the most tender when harvested at 6-12 inches. These plants are hardy, have few pests, and are so fun to grow. Best when grown on a sturdy arbor or trellis.

Organic Martian Jewels Sweet Corn Seeds

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Martian Jewels Sweet Corn seed produces corn with unique qualities. Stunning purple plants with white cobs and pearl-white kernels are as decorative as they are tasty. Sweet in flavor but not overpowering. We like this corn for making tamales, cornbread, and more! Alan Kapuler bred this amazing variety.


Organic Festivity Sweet Corn Seeds

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Festivity Sweet Corn seed produces yellow cobs with specks of colors and fantastic flavor. The 5-6′ stalks on the Festivity Sweet Corn plant are multi-stalked and produce 2-3 ears of corn per stalk. Bred by the late Jonathan Spero, this corn does well in low fertility gardens and has a wonderful flavor.

Charentais Melon Seeds

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Charentais melon seeds produce the most adorable and sweet little cantaloupe-like melons! These melons have been prized since the 16th century in France for their fragrant smell and delicious meat.


Organic Cocozelle Summer Squash Seeds

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Cocozelle summer squash seeds produce a finely textured summer squash that is dark green with light green stripes. Cocozelle summer squash produces good yields on a bush type plant, great for small space growing! Similar to a zucchini.

Dwarf Sungold Sunflower Seeds

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Dwarf Sungold Sunflower seeds produce adorable short sunflowers with the softest unique flowers. Unlike normal sunflowers, these fully petaled heads are so fun and unique! Great for children’s gardens and as border plants.

Organic Skyscraper Sunflower Seeds

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Skyscraper Sunflower is one of the tallest sunflowers on the market! Easily reaching 10 feet into the air, they make for wonderful flowers on the north side of your garden. Plant these and marvel at their height and beauty!

Bennings Green Tint Scallop Summer Squash Seeds

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Bennings Green Tint Scallop is a classic light green patty pan squash that produces massive amounts of squash and blooms that can be used for culinary purposes. Introduced in 1914 this squash has been around for over 100 years, and for good reason! Uniform and heavy bearing, this squash will not disappoint.