Blanket Flower Gaillardia Seeds

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Gaillardias are wonderful plants that produce massive amounts of starry blooms in variations of colors. Planting Gaillardia in the garden will add a kaleidoscope of color that bees and beneficial insects will love.


Organic Rainbow Chard Seeds

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Rainbow chard is a wonderful crop for Southern California. This high-producing, versatile green grows prolifically during the cooler months of the year and beyond. Pick outer leaves frequently without disturbing the roots for continuous harvest. Avoid overhead watering to prevent foliar diseases.

Organic Yard Long Bean Seeds

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Yard Long beans produce spectacularly long and slender stringless pods that are delicious fresh, steamed, stir-fried, or sauteed. Grow up a trellis for best results and water at the base. The ideal picking length is 18 inches long. Harvest frequently. The more you harvest, the more you will get.

Growing Bush Beans

bush beans

The wonders of growing bush beans should not be overlooked in the garden. There are numerous benefits to growing bush beans in the garden, especially in container gardens or urban gardens that have limited space. When to Grow Bush Beans … Read More

Growing Kale

Growing kale is super easy and can provide you and your family with tons of nutrient-dense food in a small space. There are so many varieties of kale in different colors, shapes, and flavors. One thing they all have in … Read More

Organic Sunset Runner Bean Seeds

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Sunset Runner beans are ornamental and edible. The vines are very aggressive and produce massive amounts of beautiful peach to pink flowers. Best when grown up a sturdy trellis. Pollinators love this bean! Beans are most flavorful when picked small and tender.

Carmel Spinach Seeds

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This hybrid spinach is extremely quick-growing, ready in only 25 days! Upright plants are easy to harvest and have disease resistance. Carmel is a great choice for market growers or those who use tons of spinach in the kitchen.

Organic Green Finger Cucumber Seeds

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Green Finger is a productive gourmet bush variety cucumber that can be grown with or without a trellis. An excellent slicer variety, this burpless Persian cucumber has thin, dark green skin and fewer seeds. It is juicy and sweet to eat.

Organic Mark it 8 Dude Cucumber Seeds

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During our summer trials and breeding of 2019, we crossed two popular varieties of cucumbers. Marketmore and Straight 8. From this cross came our hilariously named cucumber, Mark it, 8 Dude.

Red Giant Mustard Seeds

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Red Giant Mustard seeds produce purple-tinted greens that are nutritious and provide a bounty of mildly spicy greens for the garden. Large leaves ensure plentiful greens all season long! Great in stir-fries.


Organic Lovage Seeds

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Lovage is a specialty culinary and medicinal herb. Young leaves taste like celery and can be used in many recipes. Its roots are also edible. If allowed to flower, the flowers are a favorite of beneficial insects such as lacewings, parasitic wasps, and more.


Red Sails Lettuce Seeds

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Red Sails Lettuce seed produces beautiful, delicate red and green heads of lettuce that are great for harvesting as whole heads or cutting for loose leaf. We fell in love with Red Sails lettuce and carry this seed because it outproduced many other similar heirloom varieties in our on-farm trials. Red Sails lettuce is mild, delicate, and beautiful! This variety is slow to bolt and can hold up in the unusually warm spring and fall months of Southern California.

Little Gem Lettuce Seeds

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Little Gem Lettuce Seed produces the cutest little butterhead lettuces with the qualities of romaine lettuce. Almost single-serve in size, these crunchy and buttery lettuces are great for small spaces. They do great in containers and can be succession planted for fresh lettuce all season long.


Great Lakes Lettuce Seeds

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Great Lakes lettuce seed produces crisp, sweet, and crunchy iceberg lettuce heads that are NOTHING like those from the store. Honestly, most people say iceberg has no flavor, but not when they are eating this variety. It’s our favorite iceberg lettuce, grows well into the warmer months of the spring and can be planted early in the warm months of the fall.