Polka Dot Mix Cornflower Seeds

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Cornflower is an old fashioned flower that makes for great cut flowers! Pollinators love the flowers too! This mix contains a hand-selected mix of dwarf cornflower varieties that only grow 24″ tall, making them ideal for small gardens or containers. Attract bees and butterflies with this beautiful mix of pink, red, white, and blue blooms!

Organic Drying Cayenne Pepper Seeds

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cayenne pepper

These cayenne peppers pack a kick! A great pepper for drying as they have long, thin walls that taper at the bottom. We use them all year long after growing them in the summer. An excellent choice for pickling and canning too!

Anaheim Chili Pepper Seeds

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Anaheim Chili Peppers produce continuously throughout the growing season. Mildly hot green fruits turn deep red when ripe, measuring 500 and up on the Scoville scale. This pepper is ideal for recipes needing a touch of heat!

Organic Fish Pepper Seeds

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Fish pepper is a specialty pepper with cultural and historical significance. It originated in the Caribbean and grew in popularity with crab and oyster houses in 19th century Mid-Atlantic communities. Colorful peppers range from medium to hot. The leaves and fruits of this pepper are variegated, making it both beautiful and tasty! Great for container gardening.

Organic Sweet Lunchbox Pepper Seed Mix

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Our Sweet Lunchbox Mix peppers are perfect for snacking! These sweet and crunchy peppers are the perfect size for tossing in your lunch bag for a healthy snack. Multi-colored peppers are about 2-3″ long and irresistibly tasty!

Merlot Pepper Seeds

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These deep purple Merlot bell peppers are vigorous and disease-resistant. Impress your friends and family with these beauties! Use shade cloth during hottest parts of the year to prevent damage from sunscald.

Yolo Pepper Seeds

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Yolo bell pepper is a large blocky variety of bell pepper that has been improved for decades! A great bell pepper for stuffing and eating fresh. Large upright plants have heavy foliage to protect them from sunscold. If sunscald does occur; use shade cloth during hottest parts of the year to prevent damage.

Organic Red Ruffled Pimiento Pepper Seeds

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Red Ruffled Pimiento pepper seeds are delicious and productive! Stocky plants produce an abundance of 4-5″ wide pimiento peppers. When fully ripe, these sweet pimiento peppers turn a gorgeous scarlet red color. Scalloped edges make a beautiful presentation for your culinary masterpieces!

Shishito Pepper Seeds

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Shishito Pepper seeds produce ribbed peppers that area prized for their amazing flavor and versatile uses in the kitchen. This Japanese pepper has made its way on the menus of restaurants across the United States because of it’s citrus-like pepper flavor. Shishito peppers are a great pepper for pan-frying!

Organic Turkish Red Pepper Seeds

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The Turkish red pepper has a long history with profound culinary importance. Originally from Turkey’s Urfa region, it has a smokey flavor essential to traditional Turkish dishes. Plants are prolific and disease resistant. Scoville scale of 30,000 – 50,000.

Organic Black Pearl Pepper Seeds

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Black Pearl peppers have stunning deep dark purple foliage with pearl shaped peppers that resemble berries. Don’t be fooled; these hot little peppers are on the Scoville scale of about 10,000 to 30,000! They are a great addition to garden boxes, container gardens, and more!

Organic Thai Chili Mix Seeds

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If you love the flavor of Thai chilis, you will love this custom mix! We grew these seeds on our farm for trialing and production in the summer of 2019. We could not believe the number of chilis each plant produced! The plants form small bushes that produce over a pound of chilis on each one! You will find red and orange Thai chilis in this mix. Both have a decent amount of heat but the flavor is what is wonderful. Floral and sweet notes complement the heat and will add flavor to your dishes!