Royal Carpet Alyssum Seeds

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Alyssum is a dainty and adorable compact flower for borders and containers. This sweetly fragrant flower makes a great ground cover. Beautiful purple flowers bloom quickly from seed. Can bloom all year in Southern California!

White Alyssum Seeds

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This beautiful low-growing plant has tiny white flowers with a sweet scent. Great as a border plant, this adorable plant will happily re-seed and spread throughout the garden.

Dwarf Pink Sweet Alyssum Seeds

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Dwarf Pink Sweet alyssum is dotted with tiny pink and purple flowers. This lovely compact beneficial companion plant can be used as a ground cover or border flower to attract bees and ladybugs.

Companion Planting

Companion Planting

Our agricultural ancestors discovered long ago that when some crops were planted near others, each thrived more than the same crops planted apart. Thus was born the art of companion planting. Companion planting is a long-standing practice in gardening and … Read More

Organic German White Hardneck Garlic Seeds

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garlic german white

Fresh flavor is easy to achieve with our certified organic, disease-free garlic seeds! German White garlic has a strong garlicky flavor with long-lasting heat. One clove of this garlic will flavor your entire dish! Nothing tastes better than garlic from your garden!

Pelleted Romance Carrot Seeds

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carrot, romance

Pelleted Romance carrot seeds are coated in organic clay to more easily see, handle, and sow the small seed. This hybrid Nantes-type carrot has bright orange roots and a well-rounded, sweet flavor.

Organic Patio Pride Pea Seeds

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pea, patio pride

Sweet, tender Patio Pride sugar snap peas mature in just 40 days! Compact vines are ideal for containers or small spaces. Peas are best grown in the cooler months with a trellis for support. Succession plant for a season-long harvest!

Organic Lollo Rossa Dark Lettuce Seeds

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lollo rossa dark lettuce

Lollo Rossa Dark Lettuce is a stunner in the garden! Tightly curled leaves with dark magenta edges add bright color, bold texture, and mild flavor to your salad bowl. A compact Italian loose leaf variety.

Organic Cinnamon Basil Seeds

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cinnamon basil seeds

Grow Cinnamon basil seeds for sweet and savory dishes, herbal teas, and more; this fragrant herb adds a spicy aroma and warm flavoring to sweet and savory dishes, herbal teas, and more. Purple flowers can be added to floral arrangements or left in the garden to attract beneficial insects.

Organic Thai Basil Seeds

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thai basil seeds

Spicy, with notes of clove and anise, Thai Basil adds authentic flavor to Asian dishes. Leaves, flowers, and stems are all edible. When ready, share the flowers with beneficial insects in your garden!

Carosello Leccese Cucumber Seeds

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Carosello Leccese Cucumber

Carosello Leccese cucumber is a specialty cucumber from the Leccese region of Southern Italy. This ancient cucumber is an Italian heirloom you won’t find in any grocery store! Our Striped Carosello Lecesse cucumber is crisp with dark stripes and a mildly sweet flavor.