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Vermiculite has many uses in the garden. Its ability to retain moisture and nutrients in the soil makes vermiculite an excellent product for seed starting. Add vermiculate to your seed starting kit and see the difference it makes! 

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Weight 2 lbs

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Vermiculite retains moisture, air, and nutrients in the soil, making it an excellent product for seed starting. Successful seed starting depends on keeping the soil moist for germination. This can be difficult for any grower, especially those in warmer climates like Zones 9 and 10. Thankfully, we have this professional growing tool in our seed starting kit! 

What is Vermiculite 

This organic soil amendment is made of magnesium-aluminum-iron silicate, which absorbs water and traps moisture so that the soil does not dry out. 

Vermiculate should not be confused with perlite, another naturally occurring mineral amendment with the opposite effect of helping to dry out soil between waterings. 

Below are some of the ways vermiculite can be used for successful seed germination and more!

Vermiculite is heat processed, ensuring a sterile product that prevents fungal diseases like dampening off, which can otherwise occur from fungus and mold in the soil, particularly in moist soils required for germination. 

Controlling Dampening Off

Vermiculite can be used to keep dampening off at bay when you are seeding in an environment that is conducive to fungal growth. Simply place clean, unused vermiculite on top of the soil in hot, humid environments like greenhouses. We use it for our slow-growing peppers.

Seed Stratification 

Like our Red Dwarf Coneflower, some seeds need cold stratification to break dormancy in Zones 9 and 10. Seeds can be mixed with a small amount of vermiculite, moistened (until a ball forms), then placed in an airtight container in the refrigerator. The vermiculite will help keep your seeds moist while in the fridge. You can use this method for any seed requiring cold stratification. 

Soil Amendment

In our blog article, The Best Soil for Outdoor Potted Plants, find out why potting mixes and soils used for container gardening frequently contain vermiculite.  

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Sold in bags containing 8 Dry Quarts (7.6L).



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Product Details

Weight 2 lbs

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  1. Katie Loss

    I’ve always had problems getting peppers to germinate. This is a really helpful video to explain what is tripping me up and how to fix it to successfully germinate peppers. No wonder I’ve always had trouble! I need more patience, good moisture, a heating pad for consistent heat and vermiculite to control for fungal problems during the long germination process. Thanks Brigitte for another illuminating and constructive seed starting video.

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