Dr. Earth Vegetable and Herb Plant Fertilizer


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Dr. Earth Vegetable and Herb Plant Fertilizer is a concentrated organic liquid fertilizer. The Pump & Grow design makes it quick and easy to fertilize your plants. Apply two pumps directly to the soil and water your plants within 24 hours of application. No mixing, no mess. It’s that simple!  This is great for those who are growing on a patio, growing plants inside or in small gardens where the mess of mixing fertilizer is a pain!  Great for seedlings. Simply pump one squirt into a 1-gallon watering can and then water your babies.  No stinky mess of staining liquid.

Each application provides two weeks of nutrients. Dr. Earth Vegetable and Herb Plant Fertilizer is 100% organic, natural, and free of synthetic ingredients. It is made from premium food-grade ingredients that will not burn your plants. It is excellent plant food for your tomatoes! Use it in your vegetable, herb, and flower garden in any season!

Additional Product Details: 

  • Dr. Earth Home Grown Vegetable and Herb 3-2-2 Plant Fertilize
  • Fertilizer Analysis (N-P-K): 3-2-2
  • Container Size: 8 Oz
  • OMRI Listed for organic use.
  • Made sustainably from upcycled food-grade ingredients. In other words, nutritious Human Grade whole-food waste becomes healthy food for your plants!

Product Details

Weight 0.4 lbs


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