• arugula
    This hardy annual thrives in cool weather.  For Southern California growers, arugula may be planted year round in moderate areas.  It will be one of the first greens of spring if left in the garden to reseed. The flavor is peppery and can add a kick to any salad or dish.
  • Basil, Lemon ORGANIC

    Try this basil with a twist! Lemon basil has a sweet citrus flavor that goes great in savory and sweet dishes alike.
  • Basil, Mix

    Can't decide which basil to plant? Plant them all! Enjoy a mix of all the basils we offer.
  • Stunning colored basil with purple leaves that add color to every dish.
  • This full-sun annual basil has a tender sweet flavor great for mildly flavoring dishes. This annual must be grown in full sun during spring and fall. Southern California growers may grow basil year round in frost-free areas.  For cooler areas, place basil in the warmest part of the yard.  In hot climates, place in a cooler area with near to full sun.
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    Mild flavored oregano that is good for sauces.  
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    An extremely ornamental herb with incredible flavor to add to any dish.  Flavor is that of basil with hints of cinnamon and cumin.
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    Mexican Tarragon is a type of Marigold that produces flavorful leaves. Similar to French Tarragon but easier to grow and better suited to Southern California.