Perma Peru

Perma Peru

This July San Diego Seed Company owner, Brijette Peña had the amazing opportunity of teaming up with PermaPeru to offer an organic seed production workshop in the Sacred Valley of Peru. This one-day intensive workshop was held in Urubamba, at the beautiful organic farm of Talia Morales, the director of PermaPeru. Participants learned in-depth information about the sexual reproduction process of vegetable, flowers and herb plants. This information is critical to helping the participating farmers understand the process of seed production and seed saving in a practical manner on their farms. Participants were also able to enjoy hands on seeds production cleaning methods such as winnowing, threshing and screening. After a full day of intensive learning, a seed swap was held for all to enjoy the benefits of seed saving!

San Diego Seed Company co-hosted this intensive seed production workshop in efforts to continue educational outreach about the importance of seed saving and seed production in agricultural areas of the world. The Sacred Valley of Peru is a culturally and agriculturally rich area of Peru that benefits from rich biodiversity and organic farming practices. Farmers who utilize this the practical information on their farms can enjoy several benefits. They can increase organic seeds available to them and their community of growers as well as lessen their dependence on large scale seed producers while creating seeds that are regionally adapted to their growing areas. Additionally, farmers can use their seed production and seed saving skills to save seeds for uses other than planting, such as seeds for culinary and medicinal uses. This allows them to offer seeds as a value-added product to their customers and diversify income streams.

San Diego Seed Company is proud to offer such programs in San Diego and worldwide with the hopes that food will continue to become more localized and farmers can prosper with the benefits of the seed to table movement! For more photos and information on the event please visit our Facebook page.

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