Large Red Cherry Tomato Seeds

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Large Red Cherry tomato is a standard on the farm! Be ready to make jars and jars of salsa and tomato sauce with this plant, as it will give you an outstanding number of fruits. Fruits of about 1″ are grown in clusters, each ripening at different periods. Perfect for a long season of harvesting.

Organic Early Wonder Beet Seeds

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Early Wonder beet is an early producing variety with deep red and purple leaves and dark red bulbs. This particular variety of beet is grown for its colorful leaves and beautiful dark centers. Early Wonder is excellent to plant in shorter seasons since it produces in only 50 days.

Long Purple Eggplant Seeds

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Long Purple Eggplant is richer and milder than most, pleasing the pickiest of eggplant lovers! This Italian heirloom is long and slender in shape. Fewer seeds and thin skin make this eggplant variety ideal for cooking.

Black Krim Tomato Seeds

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Black Krim Tomato seeds produce one the of tastiest heirloom tomatoes around! The exquisite flavor of the Black Krim tomato makes it one of our favorites to grow on the farm!


Organic Lacinato Kale Seeds

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Lacinato, sometimes called dinosaur kale, is the most popular variety of kale. It is often used to make kale chips and is great in salads or cooked dishes. This variety is very prolific and one plant can give you kale all season long.