Purple Echinacea Seeds

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This perennial is open-pollinated with flowers of deep pinks and purples. A wonderful border plant or companion flower as it attracts beneficial insects and deters garden pests. Dry the root for tea to soothe cold symptoms.

California Mix Zinnia Seeds

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California Zinnia

Add a rainbow of color to any planting! This beautiful cut flower is an open-pollinated summer annual. Grow large 4–5″ blooms in brilliant colorful shades of orange, purple, red, white, and yellow.

Organic Cinderella Pumpkin Seeds

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Cinderella Pumpkin

Cinderella Pumpkin is a popular variety that has coach-shaped fruit varying from 20-40 pounds with distinctive heavy ribs. Excellent flavor and uniformity are its attractive features.

Mexican Sunflower Seeds

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mexican sunflower

This beautiful orange flowering plant is a perfect addition to any garden and is easy to grown. Bunches of 2-3 inch wide orange blooms are produced on this 2-3 foot plant. A great plant for growing in full sun against walls or other structures.

Organic Burgundy Amaranth Seeds

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Burgundy Amaranth

A breathtaking plant, Burgundy Amaranth makes a striking addition to your garden. Tall plants growing as high as 6 feet produce large stalks of deep burgundy plumes.


Golden Delicious Cantaloupe Seeds

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Golden Delicious cantaloupe produces early in the season with small fruits reaching 2-3 pounds. Their deep orange flesh is sweet and fragrant. This particular variety is resistant to fusarium wilt.

True Gold Corn Seeds

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True Gold, an annual corn variety, produces sweet golden ears of corn about 8″ long. Wonderfully colored kernels have fantastic flavor. This corn grows well in cooler areas such as coastal regions.

Organic Long Purple Eggplant Seeds

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Long Purple Eggplant

Long Purple eggplant is richer and milder than most, pleasing the pickiest of eggplant lovers! This Italian heirloom is long and slender in shape. Fewer seeds and thin skin make this eggplant variety ideal for cooking.

Organic Russian Mammoth Sunflower Seeds

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Russian Mammoth sunflowers are a favorite in the garden! Russian Mammoth sunflowers mature in 80 days with 12′ stalks and giant heads. Thin-shelled, striped seeds are plump, meaty, and very plentiful. Easy to grow and attracts butterflies!