Organic Purple Opal Basil Seeds

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Purple Opal Basil stuns with gorgeous purple leaves that add color to every dish. A great addition to your pollinator garden once it flowers!

Organic Kajari Melon Seeds

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The amazing Kajari melon is just as ornamental as it is tasty. The flavor is sweet and mild, like that of honeydew. The texture is very creamy. Originating from India, this melon has resistance to powdery mildew.

Summer Squash Melody Mix Seeds

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This squash mix contains Straightneck (yellow, club-shaped), Dark Green Zucchini (long, cucumber shape), and Bennings Green Tint (light green, turban-shaped).

Dwarf Jewel Mix Nasturtium Seeds

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This well-known garden Nasturtium is prized for its compact growing habit and sweet fragrance. Nasturtium are a beautiful must-have in the veggie garden, both in beds and containers, and are easy to directly sow. They require little care but are happiest when grown in the cooler months with ample moisture. Flowers and leaves are edible with a flavor similar to arugula.

Sweet Basil Seeds

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Our Sweet Basil is delicate and delightful basil that grows almost year-round in mild climates.  Great for making a mild pesto!  Pinch off flowers to keep the plant in a vegetative state and get the most foliage you can!  Once it has gone to flower, let the beneficial insects enjoy it.

Borage Seeds

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Borage is a beautiful flowering plant with a wide range of uses. Borage flowers and leaves are edible, the bees love the plant, and it can grow in most microclimates of Southern California. If you are not growing borage in your garden, you are missing out!