What is Integrated Pest Management and Why is it Important?

Integrated Pest Management or IPM refers to a collection of processes and tactics that are used to prevent serious pest damage in your garden. These tactics rely on “outsmarting” the pests rather than using copious amounts of synthetic pesticides.

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Steps Towards a Healthier Garden

How does Integrated Pest Management work?

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Understanding Natural Pest Predators

Integrated Pest Management

Controlling pests in the garden does not mean you have to apply chemicals. Many times an out of balance population means that there are too few predators of that insect. In the chart found by clicking the read more button you will find eleven of the most common garden pest marked as harmful insect. On the left side you will see some of the natural predators for these insects. By understanding these interactions, you can create an environment where both predators and beneficial insects can live. This allows the insects to keep each other’s populations in check.

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