Heirloom Expo

Have you ever dreamed of a place filled with heirloom produce? Like piled up to the ceiling? A place where people LOVE food?  Not just any food but real food grown from heirloom seeds?

The wait is over! Come join us at the National Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa, California September 11th– 13th.  Join us as we speak on Wednesday September 12th at 3pm about Regional Seed Systems.   During our speaker event, we will explore the benefits of regionally produced seeds, local farming and sustainable food systems.

Wait there is more! The National Heirloom Expo has the largest display of heirloom produce-EVER!  Over 4,000 varieties will be on display to show the diversity of our beautiful planet. There will be over 100 speakers on topics ranging from bee keeping to irrigation and wild food foraging.   Take a break from all the great international and national speakers and enjoy the dazzling Dahlia show or tour the display of heritage birds. If you get hungry, don’t worry! You can enjoy one of the many tasting contests of a wide range a beautiful produce.

We hope to see you there!


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