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Grow many things year round.

San Diego’s amazing climates give us the ability to grow many things year round. Here is a quick guide to what can be grown year round.

Beets, Carrots, Leafy greens, Kale, Mustards, Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Radish

We collectively call this group of plants that can be grown year round “San Diego Shade Crops.” This means by growing these plants under shade cloth or in a cooler area during the warmer months can be grown year round. For more information on how to accommodate your San Diego Shade Crops in the warmer months visit “Growing Year Round”.

Southern California Quick Reference Planting Guide


Every California gardener can be successful with the right information. Here you can find planting dates, microclimate information and general gardening tips. Please visit our Grower’s blog for first hand information from local growers.

Cool Season Crops (spring, fall, winter)

Warm Season Crops (summer)

** Disclaimer: Planting dates are approximate. Inland areas of Southern California need semi-shaded or cooler areas to grow some cool season crops.

What is the difference between cool season and warm season crops?

California cool season plants prefer a temperature range of 35-75 degrees F. These cool season plants consist of more leafy plants with large portions of their composition being water. Exposure of too warm of temperatures can cause premature seed production, a process known as bolting, bitter flavor, inhibited growth, and sun scold. Lucky for California gardeners, many cool season plants can be planted year round. We term this group of plants known as “San Diego Shade crops”.

Warm Season plants tend to be much larger and enjoy temperatures of 65-90 degrees. These plants must have 6 or more hours of sunlight to be healthy. This is why they grow in the longer summer months.

Seed Starting

Seed starting can seem difficult to new gardeners, but here at San Diego Seed Company we want every gardener to be an expert seed starter! Here are our top four tips for starting your own seeds. Look out for more in-depth information about seed starting information on our website.

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