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Tropical milkweed or sometimes called bloodflower is an eye-catching plant that produces bright flowers of red, orange and yellow.  This plant provides a valuable source of nutrition for monarch butterflies and their caterpillars. Plant bloodflower in your garden and you are sure to see the amazing yellow and black striped caterpillars (larvae) that are the first stages of the monarch butterfly. Monarchs will lay eggs on the milkweed plant in March and April. Once the eggs hatch the caterpillars will consume huge portions of the milkweed plant as they prepare to turn into the monarch butterfly.


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Four O’Clock

Mirabilis Jalapa

Four O’Clock flowers are named for their trumpet-shaped flowers that open in the late afternoon. An extremely easy plant to grow, the blooms on one plant range from purple to yellow and every color in between.  The delightfully fragrant flowers are drought tolerant and can reseed and become perennials in mild winter areas. The busy plant can be grown against walls or in the back of flower gardens.


Where to grow: Seeds can be direct sown or transplanted in the spring. Four O’Clocks transplants very well. Plant directly in the ground when the soil is at least 65 degrees. Four O’Clocks is a great plant in naturalistic or wildflower gardens. Blooms begin early spring and will continue well into the fall. In tropical areas, this annual will be perennial.

Attracts: Attracts hummingbirds, butterflies, honey bees and beneficial insects.

Soil: Adaptable to various soil types and drought tolerant.

Planting Depth:1/4″
Days to Germination:7-14+
Days to Maturity:65+
Height at Maturity:12”-24”’
Lighting RequirementsFull Sun

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