Guest Blog: Powdery Mildew in San Diego Gardens


Powdery Mildew in a San Diego Garden Powdery Mildew Guest Blog by Susan Martin Written August 14th 2020 I’m sitting on my front porch writing about the powdery mildew that is overtaking my backyard vegetable garden. It’s expected in the usual susceptible plants grown in my coastal summer garden—tomatoes and the squash,

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Direct Seeding for Success


Direct Seeding for Success Direct Seeding for Success If seeds are given ideal soil conditions, most will germinate and sprout within a few days. The exception is seeds that are naturally slow germinating or have hard seed coats that resist moisture penetration. Water for Germination The number one cause of poor germination

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SEED STARTING INSTRUCTIONS Planting your own vegetable garden by seed might sound like a difficult task but the age-old tradition is probably easier than you think. While in recent generations planting gardens by purchasing starts has become very popular, planting a garden by seeds gives you diversity you cannot

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Dealing with Pests?


Dealing with Pests? Have you found something else forraging in your garden this cool season getting to eat before you? Don't be discouraged! Check out San Diego Seed Company's Integrated Pest Management page to understand the best organic method to live harmoniously with the little guys. What is Integrated Pest management?

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