SEED STARTING INSTRUCTIONS Planting your own vegetable garden by seed might sound like a difficult task but the age-old tradition is probably easier than you think. While in recent generations planting gardens by purchasing starts has become very popular, planting a garden by seeds gives you diversity you cannot

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All Things Tomatoes!


All Things tomato! Tomatoes are our best sellers and for good reason. They are so tasty and delicious when they are home grown. Here is some answers to the most popular questions about tomatoes! A: Home grown tomatoes are picked at their prime ripeness and often are heirloom varieties that

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Epic Gardening


Local Podcast for Local Growers If you like to listen to podcasts while you work in the garden, we have a treat for you! Recently, San Diego Seed Company was featured on  Epic Gardening, a San Diego based podcast about everything gardening.  You can enjoy tips, creative growing ideas

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Why Buy Seeds Online?


Why Buy Seeds Online? Buying seeds online with San Diego Seed Company has many advantages. Our online store offers many select and limited products that we cannot offer at retail locations. These products are limited in quantity and often special varieties.  Buying seeds online with San Diego Seed Company

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