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How to start a home vegetable garden


A home vegetable garden is an essential part of a healthy and sustainable home. The pleasure and benefits of a home vegetable garden are endless. Before the 20th century, most people kept a home vegetable garden. In the past 30 years that trend saw a sharp decline until in recent months. We have seen since

How to start a home vegetable garden2020-05-26T16:28:54-07:00

Starting seeds indoors


Starting seeds indoors Starting seeds indoors Varieties such as tomatoes, peppers, onions, perennials, and some annual flowers really benefit from an early start indoors if you live in an area that has short warm seasons.  For those in Southern California, it is helpful to those in areas of high elevations or

Starting seeds indoors2020-01-10T14:20:36-08:00

Integrated Pest Management?


Integrated Pest Management? What is Integrated Pest Management? It is a way to look at and think about your choices in pest control in your garden. For our certified organic farm, it's the way we make concise plans on how to manage a particular pest. Here are the basic steps: 1-

Integrated Pest Management?2020-04-04T14:02:16-07:00

Snails and slugs can be very damaging


Snails and slugs can be very damaging Snails and slugs can be very damaging to small transplants and their populations should be managed. Although there’s no organic miracle cure for slug and snail problems, persistent efforts can limit their populations and reduce damage to a reasonable level. Below are a few

Snails and slugs can be very damaging2020-03-17T12:47:04-07:00

Who’s digging in my garden?


Who’s digging in my garden? Before you can start to protect your garden you first have to find out who is digging in your garden! Identify the pests that cause the damage by looking at the various holes and mounds they make. It’s kind of like being able to identify animal

Who’s digging in my garden?2019-11-03T14:58:06-08:00

The 6 Easiest Vegetables to Grow in Your Home Garden


The 6 Easiest Vegetables to Grow in Your Home Garden There are so many reasons to start a garden at home. You can save money and have fresh vegetables (which are higher in nutrients than what you get from the supermarket). No yard? No problem! Many vegetables can be grown in

The 6 Easiest Vegetables to Grow in Your Home Garden2019-10-16T09:33:44-07:00

Perma Peru


Perma Peru This July San Diego Seed Company owner, Brijette Peña had the amazing opportunity of teaming up with PermaPeru to offer an organic seed production workshop in the Sacred Valley of Peru. This one-day intensive workshop was held in Urubamba, at the beautiful organic farm of Talia Morales, the

Perma Peru2019-08-02T10:49:46-07:00

5 Native Plants for Easy Gardening


5 Native Plants for Easy Gardening By: John Williams Southern California has plenty of sunshine for a wide range of plants to thrive in the garden. Many gardeners enjoy adding new plant varieties each year. While some choose to plant directly into the landscaping, others prefer to include containers

5 Native Plants for Easy Gardening2019-05-23T14:08:42-07:00
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