All Things tomato!

Tomatoes are our best sellers and for good reason. They are so tasty and delicious when they are home grown. Here is some answers to the most popular questions about tomatoes!

A: Home grown tomatoes are picked at their prime ripeness and often are heirloom varieties that are prized for their flavor and colors. Store bought tomatoes are commercially produced from varieties that are developed for their ability to ship well and uniformity, not necessarily flavor. Additionally, commercially grown tomatoes are picked in their green stage and forced to turn red by exposing them to natural gases that occur during the normal ripening process. This process turns them red but does not help to develop the flavors that you get from a naturally ripened tomato.

A:  A determinate tomato is a bush type tomato that is well suited for growing on patios and in smaller areas. This tomato does not vine like Indeterminate tomatoes.  Rather, it stays more compacted. Determinate tomatoes like Roma (insert link here) only need to be  lightly pruned for shape and airflow.  They will bear and ripen all their fruit around the same time.

A: Indeterminate tomatoes like many types of cherry tomatoes are also called viningtomatoes because the grow much larger and can get very long. This type of tomatoes will need to be pruned and heavily steaked or supported. This plant produces and ripen fruit all season long.

A: A sucker is a stem that grows between the main stem and every leaf stem of a tomato. On indeterminate varieties of tomatoes, it is helpful to remove them to keep the plant to one main stock. This makes it easier for supporting it and crop production.  


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