Organic Dark Star Zucchini Seeds

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Dark Star Zucchini

This unique zucchini is grown for its “open habit” which makes it easier to locate any hidden zucchini and harvest regularly. We are happy to offer this interesting and prolific zucchini, a rare variety produced by our friends at Feral Farm.

Urban Farmer Pickling Kit

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urban farmer pickling kit

Looking to make killer pickles, kimchee, or zucchini relish? Look no further than our Urban Farmer Pickling Kit! We’ve selected our favorite varieties for pickling and fermenting and paired them with sensational gourmet spice blends and salts for flavors that will thrill your taste buds. 

Organic Peter Pan Squash Seeds

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This compact patty pan is an excellent choice for those growing in containers. Light green fruits are 1-3″ in size. These scalloped squash have superb texture and can produce over a long period of time.

Organic Gold Nugget Squash Seeds

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squash, gold nugget

This compact winter squash is an excellent choice for those growing in containers. Grow in the garden for sweet fiberless squash that you can enjoy all winter long.

Organic Lebanese Summer Squash Seeds

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Lebanese squash is a compact bush variety of squash with finely flavored small fruits that are similar to zucchini. A favorite for Lebanese dishes, we love it for its thin skin and great cooking qualities.

Organic Cuccuzi Edible Gourd Seeds

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Cucuzza edible gourd seeds

Cucuzza Edible Gourd seeds produce baseball bat sized edible gourds that make great additions to soups, stir-fries, and more! Cucuzza edible gourd is also known as Cucuzzi, Gagootza, and Serpente di Sicilia. Pale green fruits are up to 36 inches long but are the most tender when harvested at 6-12 inches. These plants are hardy, have few pests, and are so fun to grow. Best when grown on a sturdy arbor or trellis.

Organic Cocozelle Summer Squash Seeds

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Cocozelle summer squash seeds produce a finely textured summer squash that is dark green with light green stripes. Cocozelle summer squash produces good yields on a bush type plant, great for small space growing! Similar to a zucchini.

Organic Bennings Green Tint Scallop Summer Squash Seeds

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Bennings Green Tint Scallop is a classic light green patty pan squash that produces massive amounts of squash and blooms that can be used for culinary purposes. Introduced in 1914 this squash has been around for over 100 years, and for good reason! Uniform and heavy bearing, this squash will not disappoint.

Organic Spaghetti Winter Squash Seeds

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Spaghetti Squash

This squash is a staple in our home garden and allows us to make delicious and healthy “pasta” meals from its pasta-like insides. Best if planted in an area where it can take up lots of room.

Ronde De Nice Summer Squash Seeds

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Ronde De Nice squash bears round, green, smooth-skinned squashes that are great for stuffing. They can be harvested young when they are only 1-2 inches wide or allowed to get larger to about 4-7 inches. A savory “bush” variety squash that remains very compact and is great for growing in tight spaces or raised beds.

Organic Delicata Winter Squash Seeds

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A long oblong-shaped squash with cream-colored flesh and green stripes. Quite the beauty! Delicata squash has high sugar content. It can keep for extended periods. Use baked or steamed in savory and sweet applications.