Zone 8 Planting Calendar

Zone 8 Planting

Zone 8 is characterized by a long growing season with an average of 240 days to grow! That’s ample time to grow a bountiful garden and succession plant several times. The last frost date is as late as April 1st, … Read More

Zone 7 Planting Calendar

Plant Fruit trees in Zone 5

Zone 7 is characterized by a longer growing season than its neighbors in Zones 5 and 6. The average planting season in Zone 7 is about 210 days. With the last frost date as late as April 15th and the … Read More

Zone 6 Planting Calendar

Plant Rhubarb in Zone 6

Zone 6 is characterized by a shorter growing season than its neighbors in Zones 7 and 8. With the last frost date as late as May 1st and the first frost date as early as November 13th, there is not … Read More

Zone 5 Planting Calendar

Plant Brussel Sprouts in Zone 5

Zone 5 is characterized by a short growing season. With the last frost date as late as April 30th and the first frost date as early as October 13th, there is not a long window to start crops! Our Zone … Read More

2022 Urban Farming and Planting Calendar

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Planting calendar

Don’t miss your chance to go from having a mediocre garden to having a garden that produces a bounty you can share with family and friends. Plant with confidence with our planting calendar!


Fall Planting

frost garden

Fall Planting for Success If you live in an area that receives frost, your growing season is defined by this major weather event. This means that the time between the first and last frost is collectively known as your “growing season.” For us … Read More

Planting Magnet Zones 9 and 10

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Are you a grower in Zone 9 or 10? If you are, then you will benefit from our new planting magnet. This quick reference planting magnet is 5″x5″ with complete growing seasons and an At-a-Glance Planting Guide. This magnet makes a great gift for new gardeners!

Growing Garlic

growing garlic

Garlic is one of the EASIEST crops to grow in any space, even in small pots! These key tips will help you succeed. Garlic for Zones 9 and 10 benefits from 40 days in the fridge to ensure they are … Read More

Growing Tomatoes from Seed

Growing Tomatoes from Seed Growing tomatoes from seeds are one of the most rewarding experiences as a gardener. Tomatoes are often the first crop new growers attempt to grow. They are a great crop for beginner gardeners to start with … Read More

How to Grow Lettuce from Seed

How to Grow Lettuce from Seed

How to Grow Lettuce from Seed Growing lettuce from seed in your garden is rewarding and super easy! With our pro tips and tricks, you will understand how to grow lettuce from seed, when to harvest lettuce at the correct … Read More

8 Gifts for Gardeners That They Will Actually Use

Gifts for Gardeners

Gifts for gardeners — that they will actually use — makes shopping meaningful, impactful, and fun! In today’s world of excess, it should be more appropriate to gift items that people need and will use. Gifts for gardeners should include … Read More

Laboratory Soil Testing

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soil test

Advance your garden dreams with a soil testing kit today! Stop guessing what your garden needs and wasting money on unneeded fertilizers and garden products. Instead, learn what your soil is missing or has in excess, and make intelligent decisions when fertilizing or adding products to your soil.

Fall Vegetables to Grow

Cool Season Vegetables

What Vegetables to Plant in the Fall If you’re wondering about which fall vegetables to grow, we can help you have a successful cool-season garden in Zones 9 and 10! Learn what to grow for a bountiful garden you can … Read More