Western Yarrow Seeds

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Western Yarrow is a beautiful flower that is adapted to many parts of the American southwest. It grows well in Southern California’s dry areas. As a California native, yarrow is drought tolerant but also can stand high watering conditions. Clusters of white flowers keep growing all through the season.


Golden Yarrow Seeds

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Golden Yarrow is a multi-use plant that is beautiful and great for native gardens. This easy to grow plant attracts tons of beneficial insects to your garden! Gorgeous golden blooms can be used fresh or dried. Seeds are very small and should be sown on the surface of the soil as they need light for germination.

High Scent Sweet Pea Seeds

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Sweet Pea

High Scent sweet pea is highly scented with beauty to match its fragrance. Creamy white ruffled petals with purple/pink edges are soft and dreamy. Sweet peas make great cut flowers—plant in the fall in mild climates to establish over winter.

Pollinator Plants

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Showy Milkweed Seeds

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Showy milkweed is a beautiful milkweed variety that will bring monarch butterflies to your garden. You and the monarch butterflies will enjoy the pink spikes of flowers on this 3-4 foot tall plant.

Common Milkweed Seeds

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This monarch butterfly attractor grows well in any part of the garden but is best grown on your garden’s perimeter or even in neglected areas. It is perfect for butterfly or meadow gardens.

Fall Planting

frost garden

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Heirloom Sweet Pea Seed Mix

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This Heirloom Sweet Pea mix contains all the favorite old-time sweet pea varieties. Selected for the most vibrant and fragrant blooms, this mix will not disappoint. Sweet peas make great cut flowers and can be planted in the fall in mild climates. In colder zones, sweet peas should be started inside and transplanted out after the danger of frost has passed.

Knee High Sweet Pea Seed Mix

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This sweet pea mix is a semi-dwarf variety that is bushy with a wide range of colors and hues. Great for growing in containers! These fragrant and long-lasting cut flowers can be planted in the fall in mild climates and left to overwinter until they bloom in spring. In colder zones, sweet peas should be started inside and transplanted out after the danger of frost has passed.

Organic Hyssop Anise Seeds

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Hyssop Anise is a beautiful bedding flower, pollinator plant, and medicinal herb. Use in the flower garden, pollinator garden, and herb garden! Its edible leaves and flowers have a slight licorice flavor.

Narrowleaf Milkweed Seeds

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Narrowleaf milkweed, a California native, is sometimes called Mexican whorled milkweed. This plant is a nectar source and host plant for the beautiful monarch butterflies. Allow monarch caterpillars to devour the plants. Great for native gardens. Gardeners can plant directly in the ground in the fall or transplant in late winter in mild climates. In areas with cold winters, transplant in the spring when the threat of frost is gone.

Pacific Beauty Calendula Seeds

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Calendula is a beautiful plant with medicinal uses. On our farm, we use it to make a cream for burns and cuts! It has edible blooms and is a valuable healing herb. Trim the blooms often to prolong the growing season.