California Blue Bell Wildflower Seeds

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California bluebells are easy to grow from seed and are great for the wildflower garden! Their cobalt blue blooms make a striking appearance in the garden and look wonderful in rock gardens. This wildflower is quick to bloom, easy to grow, and so beautiful!

Desert Bee Plant Wildflower Seeds

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Bee plant

This colorful and fun wildflower is native to California and Eastern Washington. Great for xeriscaping and conservation gardens. Long spiked blooms provide colors ranging from shades of pink to purple. Seeds should be planted in late fall and exposed to cold weather to break dormancy. For spring planting, mix the seed with moist sand and store it in the refrigerator for 30 days before direct sowing. The germination rate is naturally low. Germination happens in 15-25+ days.

Southwest Wildflower Seed Mix

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Southwest Flower Mix

The Southwest Wildflower mix is a wonderful way to fill in areas of your garden that you don’t typically cultivate. This mix is chosen specifically for the American Southwest with a focus on beautiful blooming flowers that will feed the pollinators and your soul!

Pollinator Collection

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pollinator collection

Our Pollinator Collection brings tons of bees, butterflies, moths, and other pollinators to your garden to ensure your favorite veggies and fruits are pollinated for the best production.

Sensation Mix Cosmos Seeds

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Sensation Mix cosmos

Sensation Mix cosmos seeds produce a mix of spectacular pink, rose, white, and crimson flowers on 4-6′ tall stalks—an All American Selections award winner.

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Dwarf Red Coneflower Seeds

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Dwarf Red Coneflower is a hardy, drought-tolerant wildflower. Sometimes called the Mexican Hat flower, this beautiful red flower is loved by birds and pollinators.

Ice Queen Zinnia Seeds

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Ice Queen Zinnia is a gorgeous cut flower. White to pale pink outer petals surround rose-colored inner petals creating a dramatic frost-kissed appearance—an excellent choice for pollinator and butterfly gardens!

Scarlet Flax Seeds

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scarlet Flax

Scarlet Flax seeds produce masses of 1-inch crimson red flowers that bloom prolifically from mid-summer through fall. Plants go from seed to flower in just 55 days! Hardy and drought-tolerant, Scarlet Flax can tolerate heat, poor soil, and partial shade.

Sulphur Dwarf Mix Cosmos Seeds

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cosmos, dwarf sulphur

Sulphur cosmos bring cheer to your garden with semi-double blooms in yellow, orange, and gold. This dwarf variety attracts pollinators. It is non-fussy, loves hot, dry climates, and tolerates poor soil.

Showy Milkweed Seeds

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Showy milkweed is a beautiful milkweed variety that will bring monarch butterflies to your garden. You and the monarch butterflies will enjoy the pink spikes of flowers on this 3-4 foot tall plant.

Common Milkweed Seeds

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This monarch butterfly attractor grows well in any part of the garden but is best grown on your garden’s perimeter or even in neglected areas. It is perfect for butterfly or meadow gardens.

Laboratory Soil Testing

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soil test

Advance your garden dreams with a soil testing kit today! Stop guessing what your garden needs and wasting money on unneeded fertilizers and garden products. Instead, learn what your soil is missing or has in excess, and make intelligent decisions when fertilizing or adding products to your soil.

Western Yarrow Seeds

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Western Yarrow is a beautiful flower that is adapted to many parts of the American southwest. It grows well in Southern California’s dry areas. As a California native, yarrow is drought tolerant but also can stand high watering conditions. Clusters of white flowers keep growing all through the season.


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