Organic Ace 55 Tomato Seeds

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ace 55 tomato

Ace 55 tomato is a favorite heirloom variety for pastes and sauces. This low-acid red tomato remains firm when cooked, making it excellent for canning!

Organic Hillbilly Tomato Seeds

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Hillbilly Tomato

Hillbilly tomato is a beautiful heirloom beefsteak. These incredibly unique and absolutely delicious tomatoes have massive fruits that can weigh 1–2 lbs! Perfect for slicing!


Organic Dwarf Tomato Chocolate Lightning Seeds

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Chocolate lighting

Chocolate Lightning dwarf tomato produces juicy, savory, and beautifully colored tomatoes with stripes of red, brown, gold, and green. This psychedelic-looking tomato is juicy and incredibly flavored. Fruits are surprisingly large for such a small compact plant. Tomatoes are medium to medium-large and ripen later in the season.

Organic Dwarf Tomato Golden Gypsy Seeds

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Tomato, Golden Gypsy

Golden Gypsy dwarf tomato produces heavy yields of fruit mid-season. Bright yellow fruits are tangy and full of flavor! We love them for the ease of spotting them on the plant. You can’t miss the sunshine yellow fruits calling out to you! Plants are compact, bushy, and very heat tolerant.

Organic Dwarf Tomato Uluru Ochre Seeds

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Tomato, Uluru Ochre

A burnt sunset-colored tomato with such vibrant colors, that it looks like it will glow in the dark. Uluru Ochre dwarf tomato was named from the giant monolithic rock in central Australia (Uluru/Ayers Rock). This plant produces sweet, medium to large juicy, and tender fruits on very compact, heat tolerant plants.

Organic Brad’s Atomic Grape Tomato Seeds

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brad's atomic grape tomato

Indeterminate tomato. This award-winning variety will amaze you with its colorful clusters of sweet cherry tomatoes. Fruits are multi-colored inside and out. Brad’s Atomic grape is an incredible tomato for home gardeners and market growers alike!

Organic Green Grape Tomato Seeds

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green grape tomato

Green Grape is a compact, semi-determinate variety of cherry tomato. Lift up the bush-like plants to find clusters of beautiful Green Grape tomatoes with the most wonderful flavor. Green Grape tomatoes are bright, citrusy, and slightly sweet.

Great Big Tomatoes Compost Tea

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Great big tomato

Are you dreaming of great big tomatoes? We are here to help! Our Great Big Tomato Compost Tea is the boost your tomatoes need to jump-start their biological activity in the soil and create the healthy, thriving soil that tomatoes need to be super prolific.

Organic Tomato Fertilizer

Organic Tomato Fertilizer

To know what to add to the soil, you must first understand what you are missing! One of the most common questions we get about growing tomatoes is, “What is the best organic tomato fertilizer to use?” That can be a hard … Read More