Organic Sweetie Cherry Tomato

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This super sweet cherry tomato produces long clusters of 8-12 perfectly round red cherry tomatoes. This reliable variety has impressive vigor and provides crack-free tomatoes perfect for fresh eating, canning, and more. Ideal for market growers who want a constant, heavy harvest of high-quality cherry tomatoes. 

DIY Tomato Trellis Systems

DIY Tomato Trellis

DIY Tomato Trellis Tomatoes need a structure to keep them off the ground and orderly. As the weather warms up, the tomatoes you planted for summer are likely growing like mad, signaling the need for a DIY tomato trellis! DIY … Read More

Organic Magic Bullet Tomato Seeds

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Magic Bullet Tomatoes

Magic Bullet tomato seeds produce .5-ounce bluish-black plum-shaped fruit with an outstanding, uniquely complex flavor. This indeterminate variety is high-yielding. Magic Bullet tomato seeds will give you productive plants with a long harvesting season.

Organic SoCal Brandywine Tomato Seeds

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SoCal Brandywine tomato yields beautiful pink fruit. The 5.5-ounce fruits are firm, juicy, and delicious—a determinate variety. This California-bred tomato grows prolifically in Southern California!

Organic Sweet Chocolate Tomato Seeds

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Sweet Chocolate

Sweet Chocolate tomato is an indeterminate variety loaded with sweetly flavored chocolate-colored fruit clusters weighing about 2.5 ounces each—a firm tomato with a good shelf life.

Organic Pineapple Rose Tomato Seeds

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Pineapple Rose

Pineapple Rose tomato is a determinate variety with delicious Pineapple tomato flavor. High-yielding with 5-ounce yellow-orange fruits having slightly pleated, purplish shoulders.

Organic Granny’s Choice Tomato Seeds

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Thanks to our friend and plant breeder Steve Peters, we have this new variety to offer! This determinate tomato is excellent for container growers. A delicious, classic slicer tomato on a compact, stocky plant! It produces smooth round red fruits with fabulous flavor. To prevent disease, avoid overhead watering.

Organic Brandywine Saladette Tomato Seeds

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A brand new variety! Brandywine Saladette Tomato takes the flavor of a Brandywine tomato and packs it into a perfect snack-sized tomato! Excellent taste and texture, great for growing in containers or small spaces!

Organic Goldie Tomato Seeds

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goldie tomato

Thanks to our friend and plant breeder Steve Peters, we can now offer this brand new variety! Goldie Tomato is a determinate tomato with high-yielding yellow plum fruits. Exceptionally flavored fruit on compact plants makes this tomato an exciting new variety to offer.

Organic Chadwick’s Cherry Tomato Seeds

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Chadwick’s Cherry tomato is an indeterminate climbing tomato that produces heavy crops of 1-ounce tomatoes on sturdy vines. Chadwick’s Cherry tomato was named after its creator, Alan Chadwick, a master gardener and early influencer of organic techniques.

Organic Large Black Cherry Tomato Seeds

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Our large black cherry tomatoes are one of a kind! These unique tomatoes have a grape tomato shape with beautiful dark maroon and red colors. A mild tomato with firm flesh. Great for making salsa!

Organic Lucid Gem Tomato Seeds

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Lucid Gem tomatoes are one of a kind! Lucid Gem tomatoes are purple on top with red and orange bottoms. The insides of these lusciously flavored tomatoes are almost tie-dyed! A heavy producing tomato on our San Diego farm with exceptional yield even when neglected.


Organic Marianna’s Peace Tomato Seeds

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Marianna’s Peace Tomato seed produces huge, ruby red slicers that remind us of our grandma’s favorite tomato. Marianna’s Peace tomatoes are slightly acidic and boast that classic tomato flavor.