Mexican Tarragon Seeds

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Mexican Tarragon is a type of Marigold that produces flavorful leaves. Similar to French Tarragon but easier to grow and better suited to Southern California.


Organic Marjoram Seeds

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Marjoram is an incredibly flavored herb and medicinal plant. Similar to oregano but sweeter, it can be used fresh or dried. It grows as a happy perennial in Zones 9 and 10 and a hardy perennial in other areas. Marjoram has edible flowers and foliage and attracts beneficial insects.


Organic Staro Chive Seeds

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Staro chives produce heavy sets of leaves great for fresh use or freezing. This essential kitchen herb with a mild, sweet onion flavor also has delicious edible flowers.

Organic Slow Bolt Cilantro Seeds

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This cilantro variety is strong and pungent with slow bolting characteristics perfect for San Diego. It will continue to produce throughout the season if allowed to reseed.

Italian Oregano Seeds

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Oregano is a tasty warm-season herb that can grow from early spring until late fall. Southern California growers may grow this herb year-round in frost-free areas. This mild-flavored oregano is excellent for use in sauces.


Flat Leaf Italian Parsley Seed

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Parsley is so easy to grow and a wonderful crop for the garden. Enjoy the tasty foliage for yourself, then allow beneficial insects to enjoy the plant once it goes to seed. Parsley flowers are favorites of many butterflies, too!

Organic Garlic Chive Seeds

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A perennial herb, Garlic Chives are essential to every home garden in Zones 3-10. This onion-flavored plant can be cut to flavor salads, potatoes, and soups. It can be successfully grown indoors. Start early indoors or outdoors after the danger of frost. Chive flowers also add flavor and color to recipes.