Organic Bitter Melon Gourd Seeds

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Bitter Melon Gourd Seeds

Bitter Melon gourd seeds produce deep green fruits with bumpy warted skin. This unique crop is popular worldwide and is especially important in Asian cuisine. Bitter melon gourds are exceptionally nutritious and have a long history of being used in traditional medicine.

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Companion Planting

Companion Planting

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Coral Fountain Amaranth Seeds

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Coral Fountian Amaranth

This breathtaking plant makes a striking addition to your garden. Tall plants produce a cascade of trailing blooms with eye-catching texture and color. Grow a stunning conversation piece in your garden or large container that will give you tons of beautiful coral-pink flowers for fresh and dried floral arrangements.

Emerald Tassels Amaranth Seeds

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emerald tassels amaranth

Emerald Tassels amaranth produces trailing green blooms with eye-catching texture and color. A stunning plant in the garden with beautiful flowers for fresh and dried floral arrangements. 

Organic Hopi Blue Corn Seeds

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Hopi Blue Corn

Hopi Blue corn has endured the test of time! Turn stunningly colored purplish-blue kernels into corn flour for remarkable homemade blue tortillas!

Sensation Mix Cosmos Seeds

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Sensation Mix cosmos

Sensation Mix cosmos seeds produce a mix of spectacular pink, rose, white, and crimson flowers on 4-6′ tall stalks—an All American Selections award winner.

Organic Dakota Black Popcorn Seeds

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Dakota Black Popcorn

Grow stunningly dark popcorn with black kernels! This popular popcorn and ornamental corn variety grows on sturdy 6–7′ tall stalks — a great storage variety that will likely catch the eyes of friends, neighbors, and fellow gardeners.

Organic Dark Star Zucchini Seeds

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Dark Star Zucchini

This unique zucchini is grown for its “open habit” which makes it easier to locate any hidden zucchini and harvest regularly. We are happy to offer this interesting and prolific zucchini, a rare variety produced by our friends at Feral Farm.

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Organic Spookie Pumpkin Seeds

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Spookie pumpkin is a delightful cross between sugar pie and jack-o-lantern pumpkins. Grow Spookie pumpkin for a splendid treat, without any tricks—great for decoration and seasonal baking!

Ice Queen Zinnia Seeds

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Ice Queen Zinnia is a gorgeous cut flower. White to pale pink outer petals surround rose-colored inner petals creating a dramatic frost-kissed appearance—an excellent choice for pollinator and butterfly gardens!

Dwarf Mix Strawflower Seeds

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Dwarf strawflower is a neat addition to your cut flower garden! Growing just 18″ tall, this colorful mix is ideal for growing in containers. Blooms are exceptionally durable and great for making arrangements.