Summer Savory Seeds

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Summer Savory seeds produce a hearty annual herb that adds a kick and spice to many dishes. When people ask how we make our amazing savory soup stocks and other dishes, the answer is always herbs! Our favorite? Savory! This herb has a complex flavor that adds savory and spicy hints to any meal.

Kolibri Spinach Seeds

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Kolibri is semi-savory spinach that was a knockout on our farm! This vigorous growing hybrid spinach with downy mildew resistance is a must for spinach lovers looking to grow a bountiful harvest in Zones 9 and 10.

Kookaburra Spinach Seeds

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Kookaburra is a fast-growing hybrid spinach well suited for warmer climates! Semi-savory with disease resistance and great flavor. We loved growing this spinach on our farm from fall until spring. Harvest often for heavy bounties! Spinach enjoys frequent watering in warm weather. Protect with row cover if temperatures are high or a freeze is expected.

Edible Flowers to Enjoy From Your Garden

Edible Flowers

Edible flowers can take a typical salad and make it incredibly beautiful. They can add color, texture, and creativity to your cakes, baked goods, and other dishes! Use these flowers to decorate your cocktails and more! We love using edible … Read More

Organic Sweet Marjoram Seeds

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Sweet Marjoram is an incredibly flavored herb and medicinal plant similar to oregano but sweeter. Sweet Marjoram grows as a happy perennial in Zones 9 and 10 and a hardy perennial in other areas. Sweet Marjoram has edible flowers and foliage and attracts beneficial insects.


Organic Lemon Basil Seeds

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Lemon Basil is fragrant, flavorful and a great addition in savory and sweet dishes alike! Basil should be grown with proper spacing for the most robust plant. Pinch off flowers to keep the plant in a vegetative state and get the most foliage you can! Once it has gone to flower, let the beneficial insects enjoy it.

Ronde De Nice Summer Squash Seeds

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Ronde De Nice squash bears round, green, smooth-skinned squashes that are great for stuffing. They can be harvested young when they are only 1-2 inches wide or allowed to get larger to about 4-7 inches. A savory “bush” variety squash that remains very compact and is great for growing in tight spaces or raised beds.

Mexican Tarragon Seeds

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Mexican Tarragon is a type of Marigold that produces flavorful leaves. Similar to French Tarragon but easier to grow and better suited to Southern California.


Oregano Seeds

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Oregano is a tasty warm-season herb that can grow from early spring until late fall. Southern California growers may grow this herb year-round in frost-free areas. This mild-flavored oregano is excellent for use in sauces.


Organic Delicata Winter Squash Seeds

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A long oblong-shaped squash with cream-colored flesh and green stripes. Quite the beauty! Delicata squash has high sugar content. It can keep for extended periods. Use baked or steamed in savory and sweet applications.

Organic Flat Leaf Italian Parsley Seed

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Parsley is so easy to grow and a wonderful crop for the garden. Enjoy the tasty foliage for yourself, then allow beneficial insects to enjoy the plant once it goes to seed. Parsley flowers are favorites of many butterflies, too!

Copenhagen Early Market Cabbage Seeds

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This blonde, short season cabbage has a ball-shaped head that weighs 4 to 5 pounds. Many love this variety for delicious sauerkraut paired with corned beef, or in Grandma’s famous coleslaw recipe.