When to Harvest Radishes


When to Harvest Radishes Knowing when to harvest radishes is key to growing healthy, delicious, sweet-tasting radishes that you can use in many recipes. If you don’t know when to harvest your radishes, you will likely pick them when they … Read More

Confetti Mix Radish Seeds

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Confetti mix radishes give you a colorful mix of radishes that are as beautiful as they are tasty! Radishes grow best in light soils; add compost to improve soil structure. Plant at the appropriate spacing.

Daikon Radish Seeds

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daikon radishes

Japanese Daikon grows much larger and longer than other radish varieties. A Japanese favorite, it is prized for its mild flavor and texture.

Organic Purple Plum Radish Seeds

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Purple Plum radish is a colorful favorite with flavor to match its beauty. Vibrant purple skins with crisp white centers that are sweet and mild make a tasty addition to any dish!

Watermelon Radish Seeds

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sliced watermelon radish

Watermelon radish is an heirloom variety radish. It produces a wonderful pink starburst center that adds a pop of color to any dish with a mild peppery flavor that is superb. It’s our most popular radish variety!

French Breakfast Radish Seeds

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french breakfast radish

This French breakfast radish is a mild and tasty annual. Its 2″ long, bright, scarlet-red roots with white tips make an eye-catching snack. This top-quality variety is a kitchen essential.

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Organic Patio Pride Pea Seeds

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pea, patio pride

Sweet, tender Patio Pride sugar snap peas mature in just 40 days! Compact vines are ideal for containers or small spaces. Peas are best grown in the cooler months with a trellis for support. Succession plant for a season-long harvest!

Cipollini Red Onion Seeds

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onion, cipolinni

Cipollini Red Onion seeds produce small, red, flattened bulbs that can be eaten raw or cooked. This Italian heirloom is a short day length variety popular for its small size, firm texture, and mild flavor. Wonderfully sweet when cooked; great for slicing and pickling too.

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