Confetti Mix Radish Seeds

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Confetti mix radishes give you a colorful mix of radishes that are as beautiful as they are tasty! Radishes grow best in light soils; add compost to improve soil structure. Plant at the appropriate spacing.

Daikon Radish Seeds

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Japanese Daikon grows much larger and longer than other radish varieties. A Japanese favorite, it is prized for its mild flavor and texture.

Watermelon Radish Seeds

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Watermelon Radish is an heirloom variety radish. It produces a wonderful pink starburst center that adds a pop of color to any dish with a mild peppery flavor that is superb. It’s our most popular radish variety!

Organic French Breakfast Radish Seeds

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This French breakfast radish is a mild and tasty annual. Its 2″ long, bright, scarlet-red roots with white tips make an eye-catching snack. This top-quality variety is a kitchen essential.

Red Burgundy Onion Seeds

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Red Burgundy onion is a short day bulbing onion well suited for the Southern California area. Its mild sweet flavor is great for cooking.

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Yellow Granex Bulbing Onion Seeds

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Yellow Granex hybrid onion is ideal for southern growers! This short day onion produces excellent yellow onions with an exceptionally sweet, mild flavor. Growers in Zones 9 and 10 can plant these in the fall and let them overwinter.