Organic Spookie Pumpkin Seeds

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Spookie pumpkin is a delightful cross between sugar pie and jack-o-lantern pumpkins. Grow Spookie pumpkin for a splendid treat, without any tricks—great for decoration and seasonal baking!

Organic Long Island Cheese Pumpkin Seeds

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Long Island Cheese, an heirloom and prized Art of Taste pumpkin, has had a long history of being a favorite—and for good reason. Large ribbed pumpkins are beautiful and long keepers. The sweet and finely grained meat can be used in an array of recipes. Vigorous vines with selection for disease resistance.

Organic Sugar Pie Pumpkin Seeds

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sugar pie

If you love making pumpkin treats, Sugar Pie pumpkin is for you! Vines produce smaller pumpkins that pack in the fall flavor we all love. Vigorous vines with disease resistance and resistance to powdery mildew.

Organic Cinderella Pumpkin Seeds

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Cinderella Pumpkin

Cinderella Pumpkin is a popular variety that has coach-shaped fruit varying from 20-40 pounds with distinctive heavy ribs. Excellent flavor and uniformity are its attractive features.

Vegetable Container Size Chart

Vegetable Container Size Chart

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Vegetables to Plant in the Summer

Vegetables to Plant in the Summer

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Ice Queen Zinnia Seeds

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Ice Queen Zinnia is a gorgeous cut flower. White to pale pink outer petals surround rose-colored inner petals creating a dramatic frost-kissed appearance—an excellent choice for pollinator and butterfly gardens!

Gardening in San Diego

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How to Start Seeds Indoors

starting seeds indoors

If you’re learning how to start seeds indoors, consider varieties of tomatoes, peppers, onions, perennials, and some annual flowers. These crops can benefit from an early start indoors, especially if you live in an area with short, warm seasons. Starting … Read More

Envy Zinnia Seeds

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Envy Zinnia

This chartreuse green zinnia is a showstopper in the garden. Bright, lime green blooms contrast wonderfully with other colors in the garden. Zinnias are great cut flowers and attract beneficial insects, birds, and pollinators to the garden. On our farm, the western swallowtail butterfly loves our zinnias!

Organic Red Ruffled Pimiento Pepper Seeds

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pimiento pepper

Red Ruffled Pimiento pepper seeds are delicious and productive! Stocky plants produce an abundance of 4-5″ wide pimiento peppers. When fully ripe, these sweet pimiento peppers turn a gorgeous scarlet red color. Scalloped edges make a beautiful presentation for your culinary masterpieces!

Cactus Mix Zinnia Seeds

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cactus mix zinnia

This variety of zinnia produces rare and highly sought after blooms. Flowers produce ruffled thin petals on unique blooms in a wide range of colors. The flowers can be quite large, reaching 4-5″ across when planted in fertile soil.