California Yellow Poppy Seeds

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Yellow Poppy

This beautiful California poppy has stunning golden yellow flowers that bloom during the cooler season. ‘Golden West’ California poppy is a favorite of honey bees and wild bees!

Shirley Mix Poppy Seeds

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Our Shirley poppy seed mix has both single and double blooms in every color of the rainbow! This poppy seed mix is a wonderful addition to wildflower and meadow gardens. Poppies grow best in cool, wet weather. In Southern California, it is best to plant poppy seeds before seasonal rains. Seeds can be directly sown in the garden or transplanted out.

Organic Finale Fennel Seeds

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Finale fennel seeds produce crisp, juicy bulbs with a sweet anise flavor. Slow-bolting with large, uniform 4″ bulbs. Fennel is a native of Italy and can be used as a vegetable, herb, and spice. This multi-use plant also has flowers that beneficial insects love!

Scarlet Flax Seeds

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scarlet Flax

Scarlet Flax seeds produce masses of 1-inch crimson red flowers that bloom prolifically from mid-summer through fall. Plants go from seed to flower in just 55 days! Hardy and drought-tolerant, Scarlet Flax can tolerate heat, poor soil, and partial shade.

Pollinator Plants

Pollinator bee on flower

Growing a Garden Full of Pollinator Plants Growing a garden is so much more than producing food and flowers for you to enjoy. It’s about creating an ecosystem where wildlife, pollinators, and nature can thrive. Creating an abundant ecosystem is … Read More

Organic Chioggia Beet Seeds

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An Italian heirloom variety, the Chioggia beet is beautiful with an excellent sweet flavor. Its sliced roots reveal a gorgeous bulls-eye pattern of alternating white and pinkish-red rings. Like all beets, you can plant this root crop year-round in many Southern California gardens.

Organic Detroit Dark Red Beet Seeds

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A classic beet with deep red color. Beets are best when grown in light soils that allow them to form their root easily. Compost can help improve your soil structure. If good, light soil is unavailable, grow in a container filled with a light potting mix!

Southwest Wildflower Seed Mix

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The Southwest Wildflower mix is a wonderful way to fill in areas of your garden that you don’t typically cultivate. This mix is chosen specifically for the American Southwest with a focus on beautiful blooming flowers that will feed the pollinators and your soul!

Organic All Season Cabbage Seeds

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This durable cabbage produces wonderfully in less than ideal conditions. All Season Cabbage is a great cabbage for Southern California and can produce well in warm winters. Medium-sized heads.

Organic Waltham 29 Broccoli Seeds

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This sturdy variety of broccoli is grown for its side shoots and large heads that form on easy to harvest stocks. Heads can reach 6-7″ in size. Waltham 29 broccoli is widely adapted, drought-tolerant, and a great selection to grow for a fall crop. It will continue to produce side shoots after the main head is harvested; side shoots will produce for 7-8 weeks after the main head is harvested. After harvest growers can enjoy the good freezing qualities of this broccoli. Waltham 29 broccoli was named for Waltham, MA where it was developed in the 1950s.

Aubervilliers Cabbage Seeds

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Aubervilliers Cabbage is gorgeous and amazingly flavored. The French market favorite is a beautiful variety for Southern California markets too! Named after the area of its traditional cultivation, Plain of Aubervilliers in France, it dates back to the turn of the century. Heads are about 3 lbs, but you can harvest at earlier stages.

Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage Seeds

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The perfectly shaped, compact heads of Mammoth Red Rock cabbage are ideal for urban farmers! This open-pollinated purple heirloom variety has many valuable characteristics. Harvest the head when small or let it get quite large!

Organic Romanesco Cauliflower Seeds

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Romanesco Cauliflower is probably the most popular and recognizable cauliflower out there. This striking lime-green cauliflower has pointed, spiraled pinnacles that form amazing heads. Adds beauty and a sense of wonder to the garden. Grow yours today!